Wednesday, June 05, 2013

library time

Am reporting live from my lovely local public library. It most definitely IS lovely, and it's a good time for me to do something so frugally-minded as utilize my library membership (spent last weekend in NYC. those adventures+ paying my June rent= me in the red!!) If you wish to emulate me and grace your local library with your presence--BE FOREWARNED! It is not just a haven for poor students. I'd say the mix here is about 50% student/10% I can't quite tag / 40% sketchy vagrants. A guy from the 40% was sitting 3 or 4 armchairs down from me (gone now, or I'd not even dare to type about him!) and he kept sputtering at his keyboard-- "Fuckers!!" he'd say. And he kept saying "Bitch. You bitch" I dunno WHAT the cluck was going on over there, either the internet was vexing him mightily or he had a whole inbox full o' baaaad news. The silver-lining I'd hoped for was that he'd deter burglars from the general vicinity, thereby safeguarding my laptop when I had to abandon it a few times on account of diarrhea. Like, truly, I don't like to use the bathroom when I'm at the library. No disrespect to the's just this bourgeois paranoia of mine that someone is going to steal my stuff. If I kinda gotta urinate, I *will* suppress. I am quite adept at being a pee camel when necessary. I thought tonight I was going to have a shart  I tucked my iPhone into my bra, tucked my laptop into my bag (and left it there to the side of my chair, 3 chairs down from the profanity grumbler)and took my car key. I guess the iPhone move was smart, but prob my laptop is more steal-worthy than mydecrepit   '02 Camry.

Anywhooo, holy Moses.. my output made me unsure of how to comply w/ their stall signs....

Oh, YOU'RE VERY WELCOME (for the massive TMI).
I must now give you something entirely new to ponder (for I would hate for us to part on so scatalogical a note!) I am going to embed below two delightful summer jam duets that are very
closely linked in my mind .. .I always associate one with the otha. I put it to YOU to judge which is *more* delightful. In other words, if Highlander-style "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" rules applied here, which would you have be the surviving delightful summer jam duet??? Hollah back....lemme know!!!