Monday, December 10, 2012

"Well Let Me Ask You THIS.."

Okay...these 4 minutes and 39 seconds I am about to lay on ya should ABSOLUTELY make up for any recent neglect on my part.

I was writing out Christmas cards, and listening to one of those Music Choice TV stations when *that* came on. After actually, physically doing a double take,   I thought, " I bet this ridiculously bad song has a ridiculously bad video." Hence my seeking it out on YouTube.  And believe it or not, I was hoping for something a little more ridiculous.  The low-budget Claymation is just SAD.   I mean, it is quite crappy and cheesy, but overshadowed by the song itself.  The whole interrogation style of it  kinda makes ya feel like you're in couples' counseling.

Hands down, the best part  is him quoting his sassified partner (he did say "sassified",yeah? Did I hear that rightly??)  at the 3:13 mark"ClarenceCarterClarenceCarterClarenceCarterClarenceCarterClarenceCarter awww SHIT ClarenceCarter"  I wonder why it is  he insists on his special sassified ladies addressing him only by his full name??