Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bow Wow Wow yippy yo yippy yay

This is the latest addition to my family--is he not ADORBS??  He's not quite mine (I cannot have one in my lame-ass apartment) rather he is the doggy I've been harping on my sister to get for aaaaages ("I can't believe your kids are growing up without a dog. You are a BAD MOTHER.") Well, I wasn't nagging her specifically to get this very Yellow lab-Golden retriever mix, but I've just wanted her to get a dog in general.  
I came over the Sunday they got him and immediately was solicited for my best name suggestions. Of course, I had input, but  the debate was fierce and I didn't particulary want to throw myself into the fray. 

The first name to spring to mind, after gazing at this sweet punum, was Henry. I think it fits him quite well, but of course, no unanimous support could be found (though my sis liked it lots..that was her top pick)  More brainstorming ensued.... someone tossed off "Duke" and Seth really liked that one.  Duke is a pretty cute name, albeit a tad trite.  But this dog looks nothing like a "Duke" .  I know the most famousest doggy Duke--Duke Bush-- is a golden, but he doesn't look like a Duke either. Oh, also he is a duplicitous bastard of a pet, so there's another fine reason to veto that name option.
I thought we should look to U.S. Presidents of yore for inspiration.  I often do this when naming things and tend to find anybody FDR or earlier  to be interesting (not sure why the more recent prezzes bore me, but they do).  So, in this vein, Laura said "Woodrow?"  Now, even though I get the distinct impression that Woodrow Wilson had a colossal stick up his ass, his first name is , nonetheless, all sorts of awesome.  I declare it the BEST dog name ever!! You can be all cas. with him and call him "Woody" and if he drops a deuce on the carpet, it's "Wood-DROW!!" Ohh, and additionally it has connotations (in my mind, anyway) of curmudgeonly but adorable cowboys because of Tommy Lee Jones's portrayal of Woodrow Call in 1989's Lonesome Dove. Yeah, I said it: Tommy Lee Jones is adorable. I STAND BY THIS ASSESSMENT!!

Well, amigos, you have my express written permission here to utilize my #1 top dog name because they didn't go for that either.  The kids rather hated it.  (Again, Laura and I were pretty simpatico on our faves)  We settled on Bo. Or Beau. Chloe *insists* it is spelled the latter way. I don't see why the spelling matters too terribly much, because how often are they gonna see it in print? Probably just on postcards from the vet. It's not like this is a bonafide, with PAPERS show dog.  Crikey, that would have been an EPIC battle--if they'd had to come up with one of those ridicu-long show dog names. Pemberton's Incredibly Posh Beau of the Cypress Glade  or some such shite, y'know?    Though they did give him a middle name....Duke...a nod to the name Seth had his heart set on.  And yes, we did make the Dukes of Hazzard connection (OF COURSE! Um, have you met me?).  It's kinda cute, naming this pale pup after one of the blondest organisms ever to draw breath.  I was always more of a Luke Duke devotee, personally, but it's still pretty cute.