Sunday, November 29, 2009

new diversion

That last post lead me to peruse THIS neat-o Flickr set. I suppose it's just another way of me postponing slumber (since the sooner I snooze, the sooner yucky Monday a.m. comes) but I am genuinely digging this...

sights I've seen, places I've BEAN

A week ago tonight I journeyed to Salem NH. They have this mall there (Mall at Rockingham Park) that I had never before explored. Looked worth a peek to me, mostly because they have a LUSH store. Come to find out, it was a small LUSH... with this salesgirl that was ridiculously, OBNOXIOUSLY over-attentive, but I'm still glad I went there, and I most certainly came away with product!

But I didn't want to talk LUSH, I didn't even want to talk about the mall (which was lovely). After the mall shut down, I went down to Rte28 (which it seems is like the "main drag" of Salem) to see what I could see & attain some eats. While doing my laps of Rte 28, I was charmed & dazzled by their old timey DeMoula's grocery store. So charmed was I , that I later had to seek out a pic of it online. Behold---

I found multiple photos, but this was the best, sharpest one. It's a pity though, that no one has a night time shot of it, because that's what really mesmerised me (to the point of me nearly driving off the road) the giant red glowing scrawl against the night sky. It was lovely.
In the course of tracking down that photo, I found a message board convo about Salem NH supermarkets. It mentioned how there were plans to tear down this DeMoulas. The concensus on this seemed to be" O, frabjous day! Calloooo Callay!" and much joyful chortling. In other words, most everybody was enthused at the prospect of a more modernized supermarket. I, on the other hand, am bummed out that I didn't go in this supermarket (I did 2 drive-bys). I may never get the chance now. Well, perhaps,if I had gone in, I would find myself on the pro-demolishment bandwagon. Maybe it's really gross in there, and dusty, and run down. If so, than I concur with the masses: tear that mo-fo down. But if shiny & sparkly & well-maintained then...well, I find something very appealling about outdated interiors. I would love to have a supermarket 'round here that had something of that orange checkered 1975 aesthetic. I'm a sucker for retro. I like modern things too, but don't you have to have its opposite in order to appreciate it?

Friday, November 27, 2009

what I've learned from snacking & browsing YouTube

It is easy to dub old episodes of Sesame Street because of how the Muppet mouths just flop open & shut without forming any distinguishable letters. This can sometimes yield amusing results. For instance--

 There were a few others that amused me, but I thought that one was a good pick to share because it is a quickie. And brevity is the soul of wit...I do believe could never tell by the way I blather on, but I really, truly do.

A good (but not good-for-you) snack for a something salty hankerin' is Utz Gourmet Dark Russet Potato Chips. They are EXCELLENTE. I like Utz anyways. They make great cheez balls.
OR if you'd rather a sinful chocolate fix, try Moose Munch mini milk chocolate bars from Harry & David. Actually, you may as well get a big Moose Munch bar, because if you eat one of the minis, you shan't be able to stop until you've eaten 10 or 11 more.


I do (reluctantly) tear my attention away from cutesy-wootsy bear puppets from time to time and ponder actual, real news. I'm right now intrigued by this Salahi couple from D.C. who crashed a state dinner.

I'm kind of irked about how several articles I've read have officials keeping mum on account of an impending criminal investigation. Now, I presume this means investigating the Salahis as criminals. To which I say...oh pishawww.

To be sure they *are* gaudy fame whores. I mean, the fact that they are trying to land on one of those vile Real Housewives shows predisposes me to think ill of them. Many of the ilk I see on such reality shows kinda call to mind the two a-holes characters that Jason Sudekis & Kristen Wiig do on SNL. So, chances are,I would find this couple annoying in an evilly vapid sort of way. But one TV commentator was trying to draw comparisons between the Salahis and the Heeneys and that is off the well as a skoach harsh, methinks. The Heeneys exploited their cute little son, terrified a nation of sympathetic mommies, and sucked up beaucoup dinero & manpower for their little hoax. This Salahi stunt does not compare. I suppose it scares people because these guys could have been crazies, they could have started moshing or, worse, screaming and flinging poo at high-ranking dignitaries or whatnot. But ultimately, these were some very benign crashers. To me,their stunt was just...well, rascally, would be the best adjective I can apply. The whole episode has a kind of Ferris Bueller vibe to it and it feels to me unnecessary to punish the Salahis. I think what the Salahis deserve is a tsk-tsky finger wag aimed their way and a firm "Don't do it again, you little shits!" I mean, is it weird/misguided of me to think what they did was kinda awesome?? I suppose so.
Well, 'tis not to say that I'm all permissiveness. I do think some asses require kickage....and those asses are all employed by the US government. I mean, if a smooth line of B.S. is all you need to attain a close -range tete a tete with the Prez...well, that's damned problematic.

This story got me remembering this Buckingham Palace invasion I read about that happened back in the early 80s. Well the UK tale is considerably scarier (though resolved without much harm to anyone) I guess the two incidents just link themselves in my mind because they're both instances of CRRRAP security work where we should be doing our very best job.

I do wonder what ever became of Michael Fagan... I hope he got the help he needed (especially since he's a father of four)

Head up my ARSE --usually I notice these things

It's only recently come to my attention that Snuggle, detergent-shilling bear extraordinaire, went out and got himself a dadburn makeover!! I mean, not like, this week, recently, but it's been within 2009 that it has come to my attention. At first I was contemplating the makeover itself, basically the big question of do I prefer today's Snuggy Bear OR Snuggle Classic? But then I was look for visual aides for this post, hoping that some article or blog post out there on the interwebs might have broached this subject already and would provide me with a before & after split screen shot (no dice. I had to make my own split screen in Paint with screen caps from YouTube). I did find a NY Times article about this makeover (no pics in it though) and I was stunned--nay, FLABBERGASTED -- to read that this change dates back to **2003**!! What the whaaa?? Things like that do not usually evade my radar...

So what do y'all think? New & "improved" Snuggle or Snuggle Classic? Or fuck the both of 'em, you like Corduroy? Just jestin' The latter is not an option.

You know, I felt at the outset, that my answer was going to be Snuggle Classic, simply because in most cases I tend to prefer things retro style... 9.5 times outta 10 I do. For instance, don't even get me ranting about what Fisher Price has done to their Little People!!

However, in the case of Snuggle I actually like the new bear. There's something cuter about the beady eyes + big dweeby ears combination he's now got goin' on.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Absolutely my *FAVE* Celeb News Du Jour

In analogy form: Ham is to Paula Deen as football is to Marcia Brady. Here be the write-up.

Believe it or not, I do like Paula Deen and I found her home furnishings collection to be surprisingly chic (judging from the wee glimpse of it I got flipping through a potty-adjacent Ladies Home Journal at my sister's) but nevertheless, people getting hit in the face with hams = DAAAAMN FUNNY. That is an empirical fact, Jack. Unless the face-ham collision results in surgery or brain injury.

Then it's just funny...sans "damn" and no caps-lock.

Friday, November 20, 2009

JILLY--BY MY COMPUTER CLOCK THAT WAS PUBLISHED AT 11:58PM EST. (Right at the very last keeping with my usual M. O.)

as promised...

...buuugggghhhh, I'm still feeling rather blogstipated, but I'm just going to start stream-of-conscience blathering about random, inconsequential crap, and hopefully that will "prime the pump"

I was SOOO horribly hagged out today. Granted it was our bi-monthly ok-to-wear-jeans day, but I took casual Fri to a WHOLE. 'NUTHA. LEVEL. Seriously, I made Nick Nolte's mugshot look hubba hubba. For the record, I would *never* have gone out somewhere after work looking like that, not even on an errand to Walgreens, but the fact that I'm apathetic to looking like sleestack guano at the office...well, I hate to concur with those dress-code-section-of-the-employee-handbook authors, but yes, my mode of dress and grooming is a reflection of my attitude toward the VNA. I'M OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID, BITCHES!! Please, send me home for dissheveledness--I beg ya to.

As you'd likely presumed, I did not wear makeup today. And I've sprouted this facial blemish that is oddly positioned midway between the corner of my right eye and my right temple. So, as it happens, I do need to make a run to avail myself of some sort of cover-up stick. I suppose, until I procure some, I do have black eyeliner --maybe I could morph it into a sort of homage-to-Audrey Horne beauty mark.

Tomorrow I'm going Christmas shopping-up to Williston, I think-with my Mom, my sister, the 4 kiddos, & my Aunt Laurel. So I'm assuming it's not going to be all that productive. I really do my best shopping on my own (a lone wolf) but I work pretty well in a group of 2 or 3. But tomorrow I probably won't get anything accomplished and I think I'll go out solo on Sunday. Not sure where I'll go on Sunday, but I'm thinking about checking out this mall . I gotta figure out how to find it, but after successfully making the 5 hr trek down & back from Elizabeth NJ last weekend, I'm feeling damned intrepid. (I had me a bit of a mini-holiday last weekend- toured a bit of NJ & NYC. You can check out the pics here. It's very nearly a photo-essay, I got so longwinded in my captions) I became smitten with the Tom-Tom I was borrowing. Although the one I had was a very entry-level bottom-of-the-line device. The one I added to my Amazon wish list was the TomTom ONE 140-S , which is a couple notches better.

But back to Christmas shopping: Ho HO HUMMmmm...ZZzzz. I am considerably less than stoked. Can't get in the holiday spirit. But I feel like I oughtta get myself in the spirit because, as one of my annoying coworkers annoyingly pointed out: only 3 more paychecks until Christmas. I *really* do love the sights & sounds & traditions of Christmas, very much so, but I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed at the outset. I always resolve to simplify Christmas, really enjoy it, but not go overboard with it, but I have this image in my head of the holiday season being like double Dutch jumproping or a whirlpool-- once you get into it, you're in it, and powerless over what the pace is, regardless of what your initial intentions were. OK, I confess..I have no firsthand experience whatsoever when it comes to Double Dutch. I've seen it done on Sesame Street though, and probably in a few other places on the telly and I think I get the general idea (idea, yes. In practice though, I suspect I would crack a femur *and* manage to get myself strangled) I do know a thing or two about whirlpools. Well, not naturally occurring ones, I should specify. Growing up, my family always had Labor Day parties at my Uncle Bud's house. During these festivities, all the cousins thought it just incredibly, unspeakably fun to run circles around the inner perimeter of the above-ground pool there. And run, and run (more like jog..the water resistance prevents you from a flat-out sprint, obviously. There was a lot of dramatic slo-mo running like I imagine I'd have seen in Chariots of Fire had I ever bothered to check that flick out. Not really into sporty movies...but I digress) until we'd manufactured a mighty current and then we'd just bob along in a circular motion, chortling at what clever little moppets we were . Whaddya want ? It was an above ground swimming pool--hardly the venue for swim races.

Anyways, the holiday season is something like that. Except with me hemorrhaging massive amounts of dinero. On a positive note though, I spelled "hemorrhaging" right on the first try without consulting a dictionary (until afterwards, to see if I got it right. And I did!! "Hemhorrhage" is a tricky bastard of a is "hemorrhoid")

One thing I am excited about for the holidays is this TV special. Some people get all riotous over vampires and werewolves macking on sulky teenage outcast chicks... but I geek out over Cranford (and the like) Actually, if there was a specialty cable channel that played Brit lit adaptations/ period romance sort of fare, I might just be motivated to start paying for cable...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I also don't believe...

I've had a posting drought of nearly 1 month. I'm so disappointed in meself!

I don't believe it!!

I don't get this--I thought his 'roid phase was around the early 90s?