Saturday, May 30, 2009

more frippery

I had $10. gift card to blow in Borders--- a by-product of my overspending the last time I went there (they had this "spend $50--get a $10 gift card" promo that I was powerless to resist) I used it on magazines. I opted for magazines because...well, as much I love reading 'em they always feel like a big fat waste o' $$ to purchase. That feeling is much alleviated by buying mags and not spend one single cent on them.

I bought an issue of ReadyMade magazine and the June issue of InStyle.

On page 56 of InStyle (read along with me now, if you've got that issue..."WHEN YOU HEAR THE CHIMES--TURN THE PAGE") in the "what's NOW!" article they feature this bracelet which I nearly drooled on its photo I was so besotted by it. The InStyle photo is actually better that the shots on the winifred grace website. But perusing that site, I found that there's actually a lot of winifred grace jewelry I could go for. But $380. for a bracelet?? I could never!! I would never!! Welll....I suppose I this alternate reality where I'm at my dream income level (obscenely rich). And gosh, I really should be raking in beaucoup $$ like that, because I could squander it ever so stylishly...

Also I want to try Cover Girl lip stain . That one actually has a good shot at becoming a reality. Hey, I may be a li'l strapped for cash, but I can afford $8. (well after next pay day I can...)

Eric Bana

I went to see Star Trek this past week, and I barely retained the fact that that movie's villain, Nero, was played by Eric Bana. He didn't particularly WOW me in that role, let's say. And I like Eric Bana. To be fair, I don't think he got much screen time in Star Trek, especially when you consider he's the damn villain of the piece! He was capable enough, alright, just not really given the opportunity to shine.
Now, I can't exactly recall what I'd seen Eric Bana in that caused me to like him, but ever since he came to be known in H'wood, I have liked him. Probably it was a completely superficial appreciation, 'cuz the dude is quite easy on the retinas. Well, last night, I saw him in a movie where his performance just (forgive the trite turn of phrase here) blew me away. So I'm pleased to say I now also like him in a serious, pithy way an artist.

All that just to urge you to go rent the movie Chopper (although, when do I ever opt for brevity, eh?) Once you acclimate to the thick Aussie accent, it's a great movie. Plot-wise, it doesn't exactly move anywhere, but as a character study, it's amazing.
Perhaps Susan Boyle should start up a support group with Adam Lambert...something for shoe-ins that astoundingly come in 2nd. Seems to be the trend nowadays? Big news.. I don't even watch Britain's Got Talent and I sure as hell don't watch American Idol, but there's no escaping the apres-broadcast chatter with those effin' shows...

In the Health & Beauty aisle. . .

...whyever wouldn't Beauty have its own aisle, I ask you? I find make-up sort of thrilling --Hamlet might not have had anything good to say about it, but I'm a fan. It's fun, it's creative, at times I affectionately refer to it as "war paint". And other primping accoutrement-- hair mousse, perfume, et al... all delightful. However, nothing diminishes that delight like looking across the aisle and spying tubes of Preparation H or Depends or hernia trusses.

Anyways, have you ever bought something with the words "Limited Edition!" proclaimed on the packaging and you wound up loving it soooo much that you felt strongly compelled to stockpile it, despite the fact that you strongly suspect the whole "Limited Edition" label is only a ruse to incite just that stockpiling behavior?? Well, I haven't really commenced stockpiling Softlips Pearl but I did buy a 2nd one tonight, even though I'm not even a third of the way thru the first one I got. I'm pretty apt to misplace mine, or, as summer draws near, I'm sadly prone to leaving makeup in my car and having it melt. So I needed a back up Softlips Pearl. I considered, for a moment, buying 2 tonight, but I restrained. Thus far, I've only spied it at Walgreens and it's kind of a pisser that you can't get it on its own, it's packaged with a bonus Softlips Vanilla which I have no interest at all in.

Another beauty product that I gotta slap my seal of approval on is Got2Be Fattastic Thickening Hairspray. Good shit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

After the movies last night, I walked over to Price Chopper to grab some eats for today's lunch. Heather had picked up the tab for din, (it was her turn, but I had forgotten that, so it was like an unexpected treat! Woo-hoooo!) so I felt like I had an extra $20 and I went to spend that on grocery items. So I had loaded up a basket (parenthetical tangent--9 times outta 10 I opt for a basket over a having to steer around other a-holes w/ carts and you can employ the if-it's-getting-too-heavy-you're-spending-too-much principle. Oh, but I do so dig those tall mini carts. D'ya know the ones I mean?? They seem to be sort of a recent phenom, and I am inordinately fond of them...) had loaded up the cart with food & bevs and was on my way up to the register and I spotted a display of neat cosmetics--this brand, Mode, that I'd never seen before-- and I decided to get a little sampling of the whole line(something for the eyes, cheeks, lips, & a nail polish) and then I went through the whole store putting my food items back so all I wound up buying was a chocolate milk, and 40 oz AZ Iced Tea Arnold Palmer, and makeup.

I know it's a bit loopy of me to say so, but I think that decision shows a *positive* shift in priorities. I'm sure as hell not in any danger of being under-nourished--no matter what my mom thinks (every conversation I have with her invariably starts out with a panicky query from her:"DID YOU EAT DINNER?? What did you eat for dinner?") and you just cannot underestimate the good effects of artful preening. Or you shouldn't, rather.

For someone with such a vain streak (the vanity--it ebbs and it flows. Today is an "ebb" day for sure-- I look utterly horrendous) you think I woulda noticed putting my underwear on inside out today. OK, well I did notice it, but not until midafternoon and my 3rd trip to the bathroom. Sadly, this is NOT the first time I have done this. Oy vey.

Oh, another thing I discovered in the bathroom (geeez, that's an alarming way to start a paragraph...or conversation) is that these new pants of mine (bought them this past Saturday at Maurice's) have a secret inside pocket. That's pretty rad, even if have no earthly clue what it's for. I guess generally something like that is for stashing very valuable valuables when you traverse high mugging zones, or perhaps for storing away cyanide num-nums for when you are caught (ahhh, but caught for what? Eh??) The vexing thing about this inside pocket is that it is a little pouch, hanging just below the waistband on the inside, secured shut with a button. .. but in no way accessible from the outside. So this means, to input/extract any objects in/from this "secret" pocket, I have to yank up my shirt, pull out my waistband and dig in there. And as this is a secret pocket (a clothier's equivalent of "spy gear") I ought to be covert about that somehow. Hmmm. I shall have to practice.

Star Trekkin' across the universe...

I went to see Star Trek last night. I feel I should mention at the outset, that this was the first Star Trek movie I’d ever seen, and I had never seen the TV series (not in any of its 500 different permutations). So basically, I know the character names, but otherwise I am a total Trek neophyte. They could have had Fraggles invade the USS Enterprise and I’d have seen nothing amiss. Oh, well, no—scratch that. I may not be up on my Star Trek lore, but I KNOWS my Fraggle Rock (in fact, I just gave Heather a rudimentary Fraggles 101 schooling over dinner last night) New example—the Enterprise crew could have made contact with planet Melmac and I woulda been all “OMG!! ALF was a Star Trek spin-off?? For reals? Wooow. I did NOT know that!’

So I went to the flick in this condition of near-total ignorance and that is either the perfect background for seeing it or the worst. Certainly a lot of inside jokes zinged waaaay o’er my head, but on the other hand, I had no expectations to be dashed if Abrams decided to stray from the established mythos.

Well, I enjoyed it. I probably loved Bones (played by Karl Urban) the best, even if his was a supporting role. He makes curmudgeonly sexy. And of course, I really dug Spock (Zachary Quinto…prob’ly my #1 reason for wanting to see this). And Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk wasn't the let down I thought it might be (perfunctorily, the guy gives me a pretty-but-vapid vibe. I am pleased to be mistaken though) The only crew member I was less than enthused about was Lt. Uhura. Even though there were a lot of nameless lady-extras on the Enterprise crew, somehow Uhura was still Star Trek’s answer to Smurfette. I suppose that could be why I disliked her (inadvertantly projecting my strong anti-Smurfette sentiments on to her) , because I did , indeed, dislike her even though I could not discern a viable reason for doing so. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I didn’t actively like or dislike her. She was sort of a zero…lacking that elusive charisma/ je ne sais quoi that would allow her to transcend her lame Smurfette role.
But overall, it was a good flick, definitely worth the price of admission (even if, like me, you are going with the blasphemous intent to ogle cute dudes in clingy Enterprise tees)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I would like to know..

Which pageant queen wields more power-- Miss America or Miss USA?? Moreover..what the hell is the dif? Do we REALLY need two? There's a recession going on , folks, and I feel that it doesn't behoove our nation to sink our $$ and resources into *TWO* big pageants. Now, the practical thing to do is have the current Miss America and the current Miss USA face off-- you know, with broadswords.."Highlander" style--and determine it that way ( if Miss USA triumphs, then we only have Miss USA pageants ...OR if Miss America is the one to come away from the match undecapitated, then it's Miss America pageants from then on..)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy cheezy goodness

When I was looking at all those drive-in intermission film compilations last weekend, one of 'em featured a snippet of a trailer for a movie called Phantom of the Paradise .

I've since become fixated on seeing it. Check out this trailer and tell me--how could I not wanna behold such a spectacle??

list of 5 random things

1. The Butternut doughnut at Dunkin's is my absolute fave. Hasn't always been... but that seems to be the case now.

2. Just finished reading the book The Sugar Queen It was total guilty pleasure chick-lit, but it certainly sucked me in. Couldn't put it down.
I was *supposed* to be reading The Secret Garden for my nieces' book club dealie she started up but... I did manage 3 chapters of Secret Garden, and figure I can polish it off before whenever we have the first meeting (if I can remember when that's happening) The book is decent enough, and I don't mind book-themed discussion but...I just don't like people dictating what I read. That's why I'm less-than-enthused about this book club. For Chloe though, I'll deal...

3.Got my nails done tonight. Gel tips. French mani. I look ULTRA GLAM , if I do say so meself.

4.I watched the movie The Fall again last night. Gotta reiterate: awesome, AWESOME movie and I loooove Lee Pace.

5. I am really stoked to go hang out with Paula in Rutland this weekend.

who's down for some email voyeurism

I feel like I've been neglecting the ol' bloggy blog...but on the other hand I've not much to say. I remember the good ol' days of office IMs. Long time blog devotees of the blog will remember that, at my former job, I used to take screen caps of the IM convos, (if the banter was especially decent) and make it into my post. (example)

Unfortunately we have no IM system in our office at the VNA, and even if we did, I don't know if I could attain the same caliber banter we used to have at TDC. I've certainly befriended people at work, but not as closely as I did at the last gig...I don't have that same kind of rapport built up. I should tack a big"YET" onto that line and take into consideration that I was at TDC for 5 years and have been at the VNA only 1. (it was exactly 1 yr this past Tuesday, actually. I had a review that went so well it was unreal. My boss had only nice things to say about me--which makes me think she's not paying attention too closely. I may be getting a 3% raise but HR stamp of approval is pending..)

But in lieu of multi-party IM exchanges, Paul and I will usually have big email symposiums about various oddball topics. This past Monday, for instance, we got yakking about Scientology. It started in a discussion, he was saying how as a practical joke, a friend of his gave his mailing address to the church of Scientology and even though he's moved several times since, he still somehow gets mail from them, including invites (with hand written postscripts) to come to their Scientology 101 conferences in Philadelphia.

So because I'm lacking much else to say, and in an attempt to kinda recapture the IM posting fun of yore, I popped into my work email (thanx webmail!) and copied Monday's exchange. It's not as funny (and certainly not as rapid-fire) as those IMs, but *very* informative, because know-it-allPaul is an effing genius and an expert on EEEEVERYTHANG.

If bits of it seem repetitive, it's because Paul has this custom of copying bits of your email into your reply and writing his response to that particular snippet right under it. It's kind of weird, but very thorough. To hopefully clarify things, Paul's emails are in Times and I've put my input into courier font. The arial italicized is editorial comment...

That South Park episode where they kept flashing “this is what scientologists really believe” at the bottom of the screen?

All of that was true.

Alien spaceships that look like DC-10’s, galactic rebellions against an evil alien emperor, the Hawaiian Islands being nuked in prehistory, humanity being reincarnated souls of the alien rebels after originally being incarnated in the bodies of a lost species of clam called the boohoo (and, some time after that, incarnated as Piltdown Man), and the psychiatric industry being run by the minions of the aforementioned evil alien emperor.

But until someone leaked those docs on to the Net, evidently one had to have been a member for a *long* time and paid a *lot* of cash to learn this.


Yikes…not to be judgemental but…that’s uhhh.. bat guano loco. Sort of what one would expect from a religion whose founder wrote sci-fi pulp. Sounds as if he took a spare novel that he couldn’t get published (“ too implausible!” said the publisher “people can only suspend their disbelief so much”) and spun it into a religion. Way to repurpose..I’m impressed.

Still, knowing all that marvelous barmy goodness..I can’t believe you’re not tempted to go to one of their jamborees you keep getting invites for.

Oh, and the Suessical wedding vows? ( had just mentioned in conversation that if memory served me correctly, Scientologists have some kooky ass vows at their traditional weddings) I just tracked down an old msn article on the TomKat nuptials and according to that—

from the book “The Background Ministry, Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion,” the site reports that the minister asks the bride: “And do you take/His fortune/At its prime and ebb/And seek/With him best fortune/For us all?/Do you?” The minister then tells the groom: “Now, (groom's name),/girls need clothes/And food and/Tender happiness and frills/A pan, a comb,/perhaps a cat/All caprice if you will/But still/They need them./Do you then/Provide?/Do you?”

>Yikes…not to be judgemental but…that’s uhhh.. bat guano loco.

I’d be inclined to agree in full.

> Sort of what one would expect from a religion whose founder wrote sci-fi pulp. Sounds as if he took a spare novel that he >couldn’t get published (“ too implausible!” said the publisher “people can only suspend their disbelief so much”) and spun it >into a religion. Way to repurpose..I’m impressed.

That’s been my theory as well. There were rumours that he made a bet with, I think it was Robert Heinlein, regarding making money by founding a religion. Ironically, tho Hubbard founded a religion on purpose, Heinlein founded one by accident (and, to my knowledge, never took a personal role in his, or even supported it),

> Still, knowing all that marvelous barmy goodness..I can’t believe you’re not tempted to go to one of their jamborees you >keep getting invites for.

I know how they operate. If you take their personality test (which they offer to anyone who walks by, or sets foot in one of their buildings) and do poorly, you get offered a communications course to help develop your skills. If you do well, you get offered the same communications course so that you can help others.

(BTW, the correct answers to the course are available online)

Their famed drug rehab programme? Even if you have no history of drug abuse, if you’re a member you have to go through it anyway in case you’d ever done any drugs in a past life.

>Oh, and the Suessical wedding vows? I just tracked down an old msn article on the TomKat nuptials and according to that—

>from the book “The Background Ministry, Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion,” the site reports >that the minister asks the bride: “And do you take/His fortune/At its prime and ebb/And seek/With him best >fortune/For us all?/Do you?” The minister then tells the groom: “Now, (groom's name),/girls need clothes/And >food and/Tender happiness and frills/A pan, a comb,/perhaps a cat/All caprice if you will/But still/They need >them./Do you then/Provide?/Do you?”


The bit for the groom sounds like pure Hubbard.

FTR, I started researching Hubbard because of his connections to John Whiteside Parsons, who, in his day job, co-founded NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and in his off-hours, was a bit of a pioneer in certain Western Tantrik traditions.

(their friendship ended when Hubbard scammed Parsons out of a sizable amount of money, a boat and his girlfriend)



Oh yeah- that volcano that appears on the cover of every edition of “Dianetics”? Supposed to trigger ancestral memories of the aforementioned nuking of Hawaii. (no, I’m not kidding)

Most Scio cover-art is supposed to trigger other ancestral memories. I have no idea what the woman in the bear suit eating a turkey leg on the cover of “Creation of Human Ability” is supposed to represent, and I’m not sure I really wanna know.


Woman in a bear suit eating a turkey leg? Oh yeah..I have a lot of ancestral memories of that but my grandma did a lot of weird things when she was “in her cups” …some even odder than the bear suit/ turkey leg incident (as it came to be known in our family) if you can believe that.

Those wedding vows cracked me up. I thought it started to get particularly Suessy when it began itemizing all the fabulous prizes the bride is going to gain from this wackadoo union (did I say fabulous prizes? I meant arbitrary banal objects. ) /girls need clothes/And >food and/Tender happiness and frills/A pan, a comb,/perhaps a cat/All caprice if you will/But still/They need >them./

Sooo, that’s a definite on the pan (can’t have the groom going hungry, can we?) but just a “perhaps” on the cat (do Scientologists believe in allergies, is that what that means?) I don’t really consider food a “caprice” ….but that’s just me, I appreciate being fed from time to time. Also I don’t think that comb is an unreasonable request. Yes, that’s right, I’m imagining my nutty Scientology marriage and fast forwarding down the road 10 or 15 years and wondering how many times I can bring out the “tender happiness and frills” clause in an argument. Like if I get some grief for spending $50. on make-up…I’d be all “Oh, yes--eye shadow can certainly be classified as a ‘frill’!! And you made a SOLEMN VOW, Buster…”

>Woman in a bear suit eating a turkey leg? Oh yeah..I have a lot of ancestral memories of that but my grandma did a lot of >weird things when she was “in her cups” …some even odder than the bear suit/ turkey leg incident (as it came to be known >in our family) if you can believe that.

I keep making jokes about how they have a whole series of books meant to imply that Hubbard possessed virtually every form of knowledge known to humanity “Ron the Botanist” “Ron the Sea Captain”, “Ron the Biologist” etc etc…

You never see “Ron the Furry”

But maybe that’s an in-house publication.

>Those wedding vows cracked me up. I thought it started to get particularly Suessy when it began itemizing all the fabulous >prizes the bride is going to gain from this wackadoo union (did I say fabulous prizes? I meant arbitrary banal objects. ) >/girls need clothes/And >food and/Tender happiness and frills/A pan, a comb,/perhaps a cat/All caprice if you >will/But still/They need >them./

Its “perhaps a cat” that really gets me…tho “a pan, a comb” wins for sheer surrealism.

>Sooo, that’s a definite on the pan (can’t have the groom going hungry, can we?) but just a “perhaps” on the cat (do >Scientologists believe in allergies, is that what that means?)

Not sure. There are certain mental and physical illnesses that they don’t believe in, tho.

>I don’t really consider food a “caprice” ….but that’s just me, I appreciate being fed from time to time. Also I don’t think that >comb is an unreasonable request. Yes, that’s right, I’m imagining my nutty Scientology marriage and fast forwarding down >the road 10 or 15 years and wondering how many times I can bring out the “tender happiness and frills” clause in an >argument. Like if I get some grief for spending $50. on make-up…I’d be all “Oh, yes--eye shadow can certainly be >classified as a ‘frill’!! And you made a SOLEMN VOW, Buster…”

There ya go.

I’m told that at a certain point, having kids becomes a no-no because they don’t want too many alien souls trapped in bodies, but I’m not sure of the veracity of that accusation. Scio’s pretty Gnostic in many areas, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

Oh yeah- more trivia. The Church of Scientology has the largest privately-owner fleet of ships (collectively called the “Sea Org”- sort of like a nautical monastic order) in the world. They’re banned from a number of ports because actual training somewhat lacks and there have been…incidents…involving accidental destruction of property (buildings, docks…). The Church blames the banning on religious discrimination.

Oh- FTR, I was never involved with the Church (some people have gotten the wrong idea because I know a lot about it), I’ve just done a lot of research in to it.


Well, duh. I KNOWS you’re not a Scientologist. After all, it’s established fact that you’re a…what was it…Satanist Nazi somethin’-er-other..oh drat, I can’t quite remember. I know it involved Satanism though.(This comment refers to Paul telling me how at various jobs really outlandish rumors have spread about him, usually perpetrated by coworkers too offput by his ..uhhh..eccentricity to even talk to him. He is fer sure an oddball and a HUGE dork, but I feel pretty certain he is not a Nazi Satanist psycopath etc. like he's told me he's been branded)
> Well, duh. I KNOWS you’re not a Scientologist. After all, it’s established fact that you’re a…what was it…Satanist Nazi >somethin’-er-other..oh drat, I can’t quite remember. I know it involved Satanism though.

List is *way* too long to remember easily.

Oh, gosh…lessee… retarded misogynist gay Satanist Nazi stalker drug-addicted psychopath? (can’t recall right now if the “psychopath” bit was accurate- I remember it involved some sort of mental illness that implied a propensity for violent behaviour)

Strangely, to my knowledge, none of these rumours have followed me from NJ , and so far as I know, no new ones have taken their place (but perhaps ignorance is bliss?)


That’s right—RETARDED!! I forgot that you were retarded. Of course.

Monday, May 18, 2009

food notes

Tonight I made cod for dinner. I'd never cooked it before and wound up adlibbing, but it turned out pretty damn good. Also served up: beets, sno peas & ranch dip, leftover fingerling potatoes, seaweed salad (the sushi guys @ Price Chopper were offering up seaweed salad ...I love me a good seaweed salad) I know, I know, kind of an insane and incohesive menu. But everything was tasty (the beets were the best!).

Perhaps I have made mention of it in one of my "Things I am in LOOOVE with" rants, but I'll rant again (it bears reiteration): I am really digging on the New York Bagel Cafe that opened up recently in W Leb. I have a long love affair with bagels (one that my fat ass can attest to!!)

Lemme tell you exactly what you should order (aka --what I always order)--
smoked turkey or roast turkey (they're both very good...honestly,I can't differentiate) on an everything bagel (lightly toasted), with cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, & pickles
1/2 honey mustard 1/2 mayo. Now, you KNOWS it's très magnifique, because I get it whenever I go there--well I've only been 3 times, but usually I am loathe to repeat myself when ordering grub. When I dine out, I aim to always tackle somethin' new on the menu. However, this turkey bagelwich I get is SOOO redonkulously yummy, I just cannot conceive of a bagelwich that could surpass it.

Ok, I shall make with the linky goodness....but RELUCTANTLY (since I feel I have been a bit "link-happy" as of late)

I'm curious about this new place called The Common Man that's due to open up next month in Claremont. I was surprised to read the company history they've got posted on their website--these guys are all over the state of NH but I've only just lately heard of 'em. It looks like a restaurant that I'd definitely check out, but I gotta question the wisdom of opting to do a restaurant / inn. From the Claremont page of their site: "Our studies indicated that the community could use more guest rooms to meet the needs of visitors and tourists in the area. The Common Man Inn rooms, which will be located on the lower two levels of the Mill on the Sugar River, will make the Inn an interesting and unique destination.” I don't know who did their "studies" but I kinda wonder if that researcher has ever actually been to Claremont. I go to Claremont quite frequently. It's 24 hr Super Walmart can't be beat and Big Lots is always a Big thrill (for reals! I find lotsa cool shit at BL all the time!) but it's no tourist destination. Not by a looooooong shot. Now I could see them doing an inn in Newport--which is also no tourist spot, but at least that abuts Sunapee (a definite NH tourism hub) but Claremont?? Who is going to want to rent rooms in Claremont unless you want to experience a drunken Big Lots spree and wish to have lodgings you can walk back to (lest you endanger yourself or others with drunk driving) Oh, did I mention that the Dollar Tree next door to Big Lots is the finest dollar store I've ever had the privilege of patronizing?? It's just marvy. OK, so maybe **I** would rent a room at the Common Man Inn (a drunken Big Lots spree doesn't sound like a bad idea!) but I probably would have spent all my $$ on booze & merchandise and I am NOT afraid to sleep in my car anyway.

movie blather

Everyday--if I get a sec-- I skim over the daily entertainment news sidebar on the home page of IMDB . Today they ran a story about Jamie Foxx being considered to play (wait for it) FRANK SINATRA in Martin Scorcese's biopic (due out 2011) Yeeeeah, it made me utter Scooby Doo’s WTF noise (you know the one I mean, don’t try to make me work it out onomatopoeiacally!!) Gotta be a belated April Fool’s joke…RIGHT?? Well, it's been several hours since I read that ( I SWEAR I did not hallucinate it!!) and now when I just tried to link to the news's mysteriously VANISHED!! I think IMDB is trying to "gaslight" me...

IMDB also featured a little article about some dude that played Capt. Kirk’s padre in the new Star Trek movie (this article's still there, check for yo'self!!). I was struck by how very much this dude resembles Chris Pine (I'd say he's actually a smidge cuter… at least his IMDB profile photos are) Bueno casting, JJ Abrams!! I am thismuch closer to seeing your movie (perhaps at the drive-in??)
Oh, the news item was just that this aforementioned hottie has been cast as Thor in some Thor project that's in the pre-pre-pre-production phases & also he is quite possibly going to be Jed in a Red Dawn remake. That prompted my second quizzical Scoob noise of the day—There is going to be a “Red Dawn” remake??

This Steve Zahn interview made me want to ignore my moderate Anniston aversion and go see Management.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

punish ME!

Watched bits & pieces of The Punisher on FX tonight. How could they have done a sequel to this without Thomas Jane?? Rawwrrrr.. he is yummy. I thought he played the role rather well and..oh, did I mention how yummy he is?

more shoes!!

I was on the prowl for a pair of wedges this weekend. I tried on 3 or 4 pair, but none of 'em really SPOKE to me. However, I did find a coupe of bargains during the hunt...

$10 clearance @ Payless--

and these were $3. at Walmart. I generally wear at least an 8 (8, 81/2,or 9 depending on shoe make &model) but these were 7 1/2...the biggest they had. They felt fine but.. in this pic they look ill-fitting. Maybe as the pleather stretches out, the fit will improve...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

must make plan...

..suddenly I am fixated!! I gotta get out to the drive-in soon!!

Lemme see, the one I hit every summer is in Fairlee VT. But there's one in Randolph VT & one in Woodsville NH (neither locale too far away from me) that I've never checked out.

I have seen a couple movies at the Sunset Drive-in in Colchester, VT. That place is damned impressive (4 screens!!) and I would love to go back there..

I just might go solo. In 2006 & 2007 I made my annual drive-in visit all by my lonesome and I rather liked it that way. Last year, my sister went to a triple feature with me and was all eye-rolly and making a big show of how THOROUGHLY EXHAUSTED she was because I was insistent on staying through to the very end of the third flick. I never leave the drive-in early, so if I do take someone with this summer, I gotta be sure it's someone who's not going to get all yawny and ass-draggin' on me.

4 minutes 'til showtime!!

Speaking of that concession treats circus intermission cartoon...I feel like that has got to be *THE* ubiquitous drive-in intermission film. I mean, that's the one they used in the movie Grease isn't it??

When I've seen it play, people always honk their horn at the hot dog jumping into the bun part. People are hoggy.... and funny. This amuses me. (I suspect it's amusing the same part of my brain that is amused by the unofficial chorus chant for Billy Idol's cover of Mony Mony ) For the record, I also honk my horn at that part...if I'm in my car... but most of the time I happen to be outside, on a blanket in the grass when the intermission film rolls.


...not much to say...and yet... I don't wanna just skip posting and consequently slip into some downward spiral of horrible neglect. (Ya ever notice how very little one ever hears about "upward spirals"?) Instead of trying to drum up some cohesive or substantial banter, I'm just going to deposit here the highlights of tonight's disjointed web meanderings.

I was looking at patio furniture on the Kmart site, trying to find the set that had caught my eye in the flyer a coupla weeks ago. I believe it was the Aberdeen Wire Bistro set.

Then--of course--I hit Facebook. Seems the novelty wears off around the same time you realize that none of your friends look at Facebook as regularly as you do. Hmm.

I found info on a board game Laura and I used to play the hell out of back in the day...

It was something like Hungry Hungry Hippos...minus the pro-gluttony agenda.

This launched me on a massive 70s/ 80s toys reverie. During which I fondly reminisced over--

[Fabulous Fred ] The Mego Corp was not whistling Dixie here, my friends. This game really was FAB. I found the one we had about 5 yrs ago and it was all covered in gummy battery leakage so I trashed it. DAAAAAMN.

Dolly Pops. We had this exact set. The dark brunette Dolly Pop was my fave.
Oh, also I'm racking my brains trying to come up with a name for these teeny tiny plastic dolls we had -- there were two (or we just had two, anyways) one had its house inside a plastic ice cream sundae and the other dwelled in a plastic Oreo. The dolls weren't 1/2 so cool as their sweet abodes...
Speaking of sweet abodes... behold....THE KENNER FAMILY TREE HOUSE

Perhaps I should clarify... it was made by Kenner (toy company par excellence in the 80s) no Kenners actually lived in there. Actually, I don't remember any of the li'l plastic folk that came with this set. I just remember that awesome, awesome pop up tree casa. Can you believe someone on eBay had bid $125. for one of these? Yeah,I know I just said it was awesome..but I feel it's--at the very most--$45 worth of awesome.

My toy ruminations somehow led me to the ad for this wackadoo game (which we did NOT have... pity)

It's a Dracula Gaaaaame! Wild. This is the first I've heard about Drac having any sort of finger fetish. I had always understood him to be a neck man.

Also found this goodness on YouTube...

Whenever I've sang this tune (yes, I have had occasion to sing'd be surprised)(or perhaps you wouldn't!!) I always have trouble with the line "But bananas like the climate of the very very tropical equator" It's like they're trying to pack as many syllables into that line as they possibly can. 'Tis rather unwieldy. Plus the version I learned didn't have that last verse (about docs recommending bananas for babies) and it didn't have the bit where Ms Banana is flirting with the other bananas. Not sure that's officially part of the song. After the " You can put them in the salad..." line, I'm all pumped to launch into possibly the best lyric of the jingle : "You can put them in a pie-yiie.."but in this stupid version that is vexingly delayed.

I then went on to discover that the very rad Bananas in Pyjamas have their own website. I used to watch ol' B1& B2...back in college. Also went through a huge Spenser for Hire kick my junior year of college.

More findings from YouTube (not banana related)...

I told you these meanderings were disjointed!! YouTube actually has a spectacular array of drive-in intermission films. I spent quite a while browsing through that goldmine. I just love those for some reason. Kinda bums me out though that the only one I recall ever seeing at the drive-in is...

In fact, that is the very intermission cartoon that my local drive-in currently runs (as of last summer anyways...wonder if the drive-in is open for the season yet?? I try to go at least once every summer. This has really got me jonesin' to go!! And even jonesin' to try one of their questionable concession stand hot dogs too!!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TV blather

I just watched the Grey's season finale, and DAAAMN! My numero uno question is this: Is there definitely, for sure, most assuredly going to be another season?? Because if they end the entire series on that note of TREMENDOUS SUSPENSE, then I dunno what I'd do!! Possibly I would fly out to CA and track down Katherine Heigl (whom I'd consider personally responsible) and administer noogies to her lovely head until my knuckles went numb. No..actually that is NOT really possible. Where I able to scrape together the time & resources for a CA trip and then was able to find Katherine Heigl, I'm sure I would very fiercely give her a piece of my mind or if not fiercely I would for certain impart my viewpoint in a polite but scathingly aloof fashion. Although... if she would consent to introducing me to Gerard Butler I might let her off the hook (she's got the wherewithal to do it...they did a rom-com together... which, BTW, I wanna see even though it's obviously pure cinematic junk food)

After Grey's, I started to watch a bit of USA's Burn Notice but couldn't stick with it. I've wanted to get into that show--after all, Jeffrey Donovan is one hot piece of hotness and Bruce Campbell is just cooler than the other side of the pillow (he's great, ain't he?). But you know what deters me? That Gabrielle Anwar... for some reason, I find her very offputting.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

stuff I heart

You've heard the hype...and now you may behold them in all their majestic fabulosity...

MY NEW $3.24 SHOES!!!

Hmmm, actually, they are really more impressive in person. I swear!

Ok, to compensate for that letdown, here a few other things I'm diggin' (not footwear)...

I found THIS news story to be especially rad. It's bittersweet though, because it's awesome that he did that, but as I read on, it becomes clear that Wills and I are just not meant to be. I LOATHE Shepard's Pie. I don't care if the potatoes are fluffed with a fork, mashed with a masher or parboiled and double whipped by a magical kitchen hobgoblin, I just cannot stand the stuff. If that is the prince's signature dish, than I fear that renders us incompatible. Still, it's an awesome news story...and that's a testament to how very awesome it is , that I can still appreciate it after such a devastating disappointment. ..

And finally, this new addition to my faves bar is damned amusing..

Monday & miscellaneous oddments

I feel tardy announcing it now, but I shall anyways: I have considered the matter and decidedly concluded that the finest “Monday” song to kick off your Monday is “Blue Monday”. I think most prefer the original by New Order and that is a fine, fine song, however, I prefer the Orgy remake from the late 90s (mostly because I think the original’s a smidge too lengthy). It may have been previously reported by other sources that the Bangles’ “Manic Monday” is the best Monday song, but this is erroneous. Firstly, I feel that they are kind of misusing the word “manic” for the sake of alliteration, but that is just a minor gripe. My main issue with the song is just that I find it tiresome. Don’t get me wrong—I like a lot of Bangles’ songs. I love “In Your Room” and I particularly delight in belting out “Eternal Flame” (even though I do so abominably) So no one could rightfully accuse me of being anti-Bangle. Indeed, if there was to be a Mt Rushmore of Girl Groups made, I would lobby mightily for Susannah Hoffs to get her mug up there.

Ok, the other contenders (I wasn’t going to keep going on about it, but in the interests of thoroughness..) Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays” was inspired by this awfulness, so that kinda ruins the tune for me. And “Monday, Monday” by the Mamas & the Pappas has a kinda sllloowwwwww pace and low energy that might lull me into slumber (not ideal for your commute in to work on Monday a.m.)

So, as it happens, I did listen to “Blue Monday” on my way in to work yesterday. And it just popped on in my iPod shuffle by happenstance, so that makes my hearing it all the more terrif. (that little dash of serendipity adds so much) And I was wearing a new outfit. Wearing a new outfit on a Monday can make Monday incrementally less foul.

I got outta work early yesterday to go to the dentist and get a temporary crown put in my head. Which is a good my book. If anything gets me out of work early, I’m all for it (with the exception of an airstrike or trip to the cooter doc).

The crown procedure was WAAAY more uncomfortable than the root canal, in my experience. I thought the root canal –by reputation—was supposed to be the innermost ring of dentistry Hell, but it was really not so bad. This temp crown install was a bit ouchy.
Well, first off, I had a new dentist, and of course he had to be good looking. No, it’s not a good thing. I picture meself with my mouth open like that, I imagine I’m showing more chins than the Chinatown phone book. Maybe not, but it’s not a pretty picture either way. Add to this, the fact that I have some sort of small blemish just northwest of the leftside corner of my maw. Now this is scabbed over, and then plastered over with about 50 swaths of foundation, but when I crack my jaw open to an angle of 180 degrees…guess what else cracks? And bleeds. Oy. “Let’s dab some petroleum jelly on that so’s you don’t bleed all over the handsome doctor”. Ok, so the hygienist chick didn’t say that, but I did, in fact, get dabbed. All petty embarrassments aside, the worst thing was the 2 sets of hands in my mouth, and the end part of tamping the crown down into my gums that was a bit painful.

Oh and this office has little TVs appended to the patients chair, which initially I thought was SO rad. (listening to the no-nonsense wisdom of Judge Joe Brown is just the thing to divert me from 4 hands and varied power tools in my mouth) But after Punk’d came on, it seemed to me that the hygienist wasn’t quite giving me her 100% undivided. This made me question the wisdom of the dental chair tellies.

All in all, it was still better than being stuck in the office.

I’ll be stunned if this crown lasts until June 1 (when I’m scheduled to get the permanent ) It seems like I must favor the left side of my mouth when chewing. I never thought I favored a particular side, but now that I am instructed to favor the *right* side, and it’s proving to be such a colossal effort…well, it seems like I must’ve always been a left side chewer.. Also I can’t stop licking the crown and tapping it with my tongue. I don’t, rationally,think that’s wise but as the French expression goes, oh, ‘ow you say…uhh…the tongue wants what it wants, eh? (ha haa ha) Just kidding there--- to the best of my knowledge the French have no sayings regarding wanton tongues. But seriously, I could use one of those white cone collars they put on dogs after dog surgery…but a tiny one…for my tongue. Sure it might hamper eating and speech, but it would safeguard my crown plus it might help me drop some lbs and gain an aura of mystery ( theory being that decreased chatter= mystery….can you imagine the buzz about me? “Hey Dave…check out that girl with the big conical collar around her tongue…I dunno if it’s her wanton tongue or her powerful aura of mystery, but I’m finding her most alluring!!”)

Then last night I went for a walk around the block with my sister. It was a nice walk, and it smelled good—like lilacs and lawn clippings and campfires. I used this opportunity to break in my new sneaks. I had a sort of vexing experience trying on clothes @ Kohls on Friday night, so that put me in the perfect frame of mind to buy running sneaks. (of the mindset that a sure way to cement yourself to an initiative—for instance, an initiative to get more exercise—is to invest a li’l $$ into it) I always gripe that I can never find any good deals on shoes at Kohls, but I suppose that’s because I was always looking at the heels. These Nike that I just got… they’re $70 shoes but I got ‘em at $33. Sa-WEEEEET!

In other shoe news, I have the cutest new sandals on today. Lest you think I’m going on some gratuitous shoe-acquisition binge, I feel I should point out that Target had these on clearance for $3.24 (Target is mighty fond of using $3.24 as a clearance price—have y’all noticed that??) So, let the record show: it’s only because I’m finding these terrific bargains that I’m so damn shoe mad. I like staring down at them as I walk around. This seems like a recipe for calamity but calamity has yet to strike. These hot sandals (specifically they are shimmering, silver, snake skin esque Gladiator style sandles—sans the pesky lacing up the ankles part that generally makes me hate Gladiator style sandals) might move me to post my first ever self portrait on the blog. Just of my feet (but that’s somethin’). I have my camera on hand…whether I actually go thru with this or not depends on if I can find a private enough venue for the photo shoot. I don’t wanna have to explain myself when someone invariably sez “What THE HELL are you doing???”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

when I have a spare 15 hours. . .

In past posts, (or at least one that I can think of) I have shared my curiosity over the late 60s Brit series The Prisoner. The premise (read the 1st paragraph of THIS article, I'm too pooped to type it all out) has always intrigued the hell out of me. .. the whole thing seemed so kooky that I couldn't help but love it. I have long been toying with the idea of buying the complete series but the cheapest price I can find on that DVD set is approx. $50. That's too much moolah for me to shill out on a hunch. I mean, it seems like totally my bag, but I've never actually seen an episode.

Well, I just discovered that AMC has the entire series on their website!! This is undoubtedly to lure people into watching the remake of the show that AMC is soon launching (which I will probably skip, thanks anyway) But what a find! All 17 episodes--full length!! Huzzah!!

Now if only I could find Dark Shadows online (which I'm sure would be much, MUCH trickier to find in its entirety-- The Prisoner only ran for 17 eps, whereas DS was ??# of episodes and ran for 5years.)

Friday, May 08, 2009

and afterwards we can go to Red Lobster!!

I sooo wanna take THIS sewing class!! Too bad Silver Lake, CA is just too much of a commute for me (I was willing to go as far west as NM...)

geek merit badge for me!!

Last night I hit up the BK drive thru...which is never as delightful in practice as it seems it will be in theory. I don't know about the outlying regions of other BKs, but here the aroma of flamebroiling wafts for about 2miles and it is DECEPTIVELY alluring.

Anyways, the aforementioned geek merit badge is on account o' me going for the "Collectible Star Trek Glass only $1.99 with the Purchase of any Value Meal!!" deal. Well, I'm rather indifferent to the franchise in general, but the new movie intrigues me simply because I am fond of much of the cast. (Simon Pegg, John Cho, Eric Bana, Karl Urban, and especially Zachary Quinto. It's funny how the dude playing the Cap'n seems to be the dullest casting choice. Sure, he's pretty..but he strikes me as being a bit bland) So probably my motives make me unworthy of said merit badge. But the fact of me owning collectible Star Trek glassware... that's at least a stamp in my Nerdsville passport...

Oh, by the way, even though I had my heart set on, I mean, SPOCK, I was given the choice of Lt. Uhura or Capt. Kirk. I went with the latter...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tardy Fashionista

My alarm is set for 7am M-F. Last night, I re-set it for 6:45 am so that would allow me another hit on the ol' snooze button (I'm a snooze button FIEND!) Well, my bladder woke me up at 6am. I'm always kind of thrilled when I wake up a good while before I'm supposed to (at least a half hour) because then I get to enjoy the luxury of going back to bed . That's how much I adore slumber...I know, I know-- I have a problem. Anyways, I was getting back into bed and it suddenly seemed to me that going back to bed for a whole hour was infinitely nicer than just 45 more minutes of sleep so I re-re-set my alarm for 7am. Moral of the story? Don't fuck with your alarm clock that much.
So I woke up with a jolt at 8:25am. Luckily, it wasn't to the sound of the office ringing me, I woke myself up (amazing). Mind you, I'm supposed to start work at 8am and I was a 1/2 hour drive from the office at this point. So I call in, sputter to the receptionist some lame lie about car trouble, but I'm fixed up and now en route wouldja share that info with all pertinent parties please and thank you. I'm not really sure she told anyone because no one mentioned my being late or my make-believe car trouble to me when I got here. Usually when I really do have an issue, everybody is so damn tiresome about bringing it up and making me rehash it. So I'm wondering if the receptionist is the only one who knows I was late this a.m.
Oh, also, right after this phone call, I'm digging through my laundry bag for something to wear (note: I have yet to put in my contacts at this point) and I went with black pants & this sheer Pucci-esque print top. This top requires a camisole underneath it (which you may have surmised from the "sheer" modifier there) which I also grabbed. Or I thought I grabbed. When I went to get dressed, I realized I had grabbed a slip that goes down to my shin (I'm not really a slip sorta person, but this came with this sheer dress that I have jinkies, all this sheer clothing in my would presume me a harlot if they didn't have the facts of the case!! Maybe it's not a slip but it might be a sheath dress...but I don't think it's meant for wearing on its own..I dunno...anyways, MOVING ON..) I didn't have time to be rummaging about for a cami --you'll recall the morning I had thus far. So --to make a short story long-- I currently have a dress in my pants.
In other style news... I have a hair appointment at 5:30 this evening. I'm SO excited for the coiffure renovations...I've been looking pretty frightfully frightful.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Y'alls know I'm a sucker for hoitytoity French or Latin phrases. Just picked up a new one today...


I love it!! J'adore!!

The thin end of the wedge...

We are at "the thin end of the wedge" in regards to my Facebook usage. That is an expression I picked up from Nancy Mitford's Pursuit of Love (an overall decent read...not much happens but the writing & characters are witty and oh-so-British) and I've been just dying to use it. It's a very Brit phrase, and moves me to ponder just exactly how prevalent it is across the pond. Back in my Thermadyne days, we had a division in Chorley England (wherever that is) and I had my coworker Laurel (who dealt regularly with that international division) question them about the phrase "Bob's your uncle" (an inconcise, but utterly charming Brit version of "voila!") and from that interrogation we learned that that particular expression is not all that popular amongst the British youth of today (similar to the word "dungarees" only being used by the 50+ set ...and me when I'm being intentionally dorky) So anyways, I suspect that "the thin of the wedge" is fading into obscurity too.
But what wedge was I on the thin end of again?? Oh yes..Facebook! This a.m. I got a McSkillet burrito and that is like one of my faaave breakfasts (sadly) and as I experienced this little euphoric taste bud fiesta it suddenly occurred to me: I'll pop on facebook and write a declaration of love for the McSkillet Burrito on select friends' walls!! And then I actually logged in but then I instantly reconsidered: Facebook at work?? Are you MAD, girl??
So that's a bad sign, methinks. I mean, I have good common sense (as evidenced by my prompt backpedalling) but my self control isn't always (isn't usually) up to snuff. So yeah, like I said...thin end of the ol' wedgeroo..

I'm thinking though, that FB is definitely NOT going to totally supplant this blog. Which is kind of a relief, I feel, as I've grown rather fond of this ol' rag. I've hit upon 2 solid reasons to keep up the blog (in other words: advantages it has over FB)

Reason 1: Facebook homepage asks you "What's on your mind??" ...and then it stops you after about a paragraph & a half!! Y'all know that brevity ain't my bag. I'm always having to abridge my litany of "what's on my mind"... So it seems I need a space for non brevity... to yammer on if you will.. whereas FB is more for a rapid fire chit chat sorta thing, might even networking.

Reason 2: I constantly find myself compelled to post about something embarrassing. For when I was at DHMC for Excel classes (by the way, I learned all this stuff on Excel 2007 and came back to learn that we're not getting 07 at the VNA 'til next year. Bahh. I kinda dug it!!) and I was thinking how inconveniently timed it was that I would be beseiged by a mighty flatulence just when I'm going up to the big house for a class. I don't know why I was compelled to post that but I was. Also,I discovered ...around midday today...a big tear in the crotch seam of my pants. I guess it's a good thing I don't sit about all splay-legged . These things always strike me as inexplicably newsworthy. But it's not something I really want to publicize on FB (I will however, broadcast my love for the McSkillet B. I love McSkillet Burritos and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!) I know that putting it on the blog is publicizing it in a way, but that's going out to a controlled group of friends and total strangers and somehow I'm fine with that. But it's when unflattering info leaks to the ranks of friends of friends, & acquaintances, & people you might run into at Price Chopper that the embarrassment kicks in. Does that make any sense? It might not.. 'cause I don't always make sense.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


My sister is a new Facebook convert and is mildly obsessed with it. So she's been on my ass for around 2 weeks to join up. Last night I finally buckled. I'm more than a bit disappointed with my resolve (or lack thereof, I should say). And mind you, this is after declaring at a party on Sunday that I was decidedly NOT a facebooker and proud to be the last holdout in North America. So, tell me: what sort of wine goes well with crow?

Hey, Laura can make with the FIERCE peer pressure, OK? Plus, she was raving about all these cool quizzes she was taking and I couldn't resist the lure of : Which Flight Of The Conchords Character are you? (seems I'm Jemaine) or What Color Crayon are You? Well, I've since learned the disheartening truth: that Facebook quizzes are carefully crafted by any random imbecile with their atrocious second grade spelling skills...possibly typing with their right thumbs & left big toes. In short: utterly MORONIC. Oh, equally moronic is the sending people Yankee Candles, and schmoopy anthropomorphic teddy bear snuggles, and drinks. Oh yes.. thanks ever so much for the mojito, perhaps if I'd drank a big pitcher of actual mojitos I could see the value in--well, no scratch that. Even completely pickled, I would find that idiotic.

But surely there is something good about becoming a cyber lemming at long last?? Let's do a li'l pros & cons break down shall we??

Well, wouldja look at that?? My "Pros" list is the longer list. I suppose, in that case, I shall keep an open mind...

Monday, May 04, 2009

I did get to watch “Little Dorrit” this weekend. And it didn’t end up raining, so it winds up a black demerit on my permanent record. By that I mean that it was self-indulgent sloth whereas, on a rainy weekend, I could chalk it up to weather-dictated downtime. That’s part of why I’m a big fan of the rain.

But anyways, back to Little Dorrit… I must read the Dickens novel now. At 14 episodes--totalling 452 minutes-- it seems like they couldn’t possibly have left anything out. But still, I *gotta* read it now, to be sure. I’m a bit irked, because I REALLY prefer to ingest stories not in that order. I’d much rather read the book, then see the movie. Now I won’t have any choice in my mental “casting”. Phooey. This cast was pretty excellent, (more on that in a bit) but I would just like to have a choice in the matter, y’know? The two storylines I feel were kinda unresolved were Tattiecoram’s & John Chivery’s (Jr.). For Chivery, who was so suparhumanly sweet & adorable, well ya just wanted to see him have a happy ending—shake off that broken heart and find some love (of the reciprocal variety).
At the very end scene of the flick, you see that Tattiecoram opted to return to the Meagles’, but her return is not at all shown or explained. You never know if she got over her anger management issues. Her character was kind of ridiculous. Her frustration was certainly understandable, but still you couldn’t take her seriously with her being all petulant-acting & yelly all the time. Another reason to read the book there—see if Tattiecoram was written that way or if that was just that actress’s interpretation. And the character of Miss Wade seemed to have this great malevolent potential but they kind of glossed over her storyline. How did she know Rigaud anyways?
Now Rigaud was a FANTASTIC badass. A fantastic French badass...he was excellent.

Another standout in the cast (for me) was Matthew McFayden...this movie made me a smidge smitten with him. It's funny--empirically speaking, he is not a handsome guy, but I always find him very appealling somehow. Like in the big love declaration scene in the 2005 Pride & Prejudice -- he's striding across this misty mornin' meadow and I'm like: DAMN--you can see Darcy's humongo forehead from 20 hectares away!! But nevertheless, I woulda bolted 'cross said meadow and tackled him. He just exudes this sweetness...or he's rather good at faking sweetness and then exuding that affected sweetness. Whichever...the end result is still twitterpation. Let's not forget he's British and big for starring in period drama flicks. . .both of these things are like CRACK to me.

Anyways summation: hasten thee to Amazon, buy this movie!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

this 'n' that

So, until I can get in for my crown installation (appt. May 11th) I have this freak abomination of a tooth where they did my root canal. Luckily, it's located off to the side a bit, so it's not immediately noticeable. No worries. It made me think though, that it would be sort of a hoot to have a tee shirt that read--


Well, I thought it a funny notion, anyways. And it wouldn't just apply to the very specific niche of people who are awaiting cosmetic dentistry. There a hundred (or so) different ways one could consider oneself "under construction". Might appeal to the huuuuuge segment of the populace trying to drop a few lbs. Or you could be for someone between dye jobs , who's plagued with hideous white hanks of hair. (relevant tangent: My own coiffure happens to be in a bad way right now, actually. Next week being semana de cinco de mayo, I might just sport a sombrero until my Thursday evening hair appointment. Note to self: see where you might procure a sombrero quickly and cheaply; preferably a sombrero that is *not* infested with the swine flu)

I was so pleased with my tee notion, that the other night I was trying to think of other things that would be good on a tee shirt. Well, I was driving at the time, and so mostly I was pondering this to keep me from nodding off and waking up amidst twisted Taurus wreckage in a ditch. I was not coming up with a damn thing until some Biggie Smalls started playing on my iPod and I thought maybe "I Love it When you Call me Big Poppa" would be good on a tee. And in my mind's eye, this hypothetical tee had a pic of Papa Smurf on it. Oh yeah, I went there. . . I have no fear of the MINDBLOWINGLY CORNY.

Bought some stuff from Amazon the other day...

For my niecies: What Do you Say Dear?
What Do You Do Dear? (both by Sesyle Joslin)
Animals of the Ocean, in Particular, the Giant Squid (Dr Doris & Benny Haggis-on- Whey)
for yours truly: Little Dorritt DVD. I had DVRed some of this miniseries as it ran on Masterpiece Classic, but had missed an episode here or there, and YOU KNOWS I can't stand to watch things in bits & pieces like that. I like this stuff ab ovo and in its entirety. I am kind of rooting for a drab rainy day tomorrow so's I feel justified into settling down to watch this whole thing -- all 452 minutes-- in one sitting. We shall see...