Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have recently watched The Fall and I just LOVED it. The little girl who played Alexandria was very believable and very, very sweet. And Lee Pace was terrific. I was a smidge smitten with him to begin with, but watching him in this movie just cinched it: I heart Lee Pace. He's a handsome enough dude, but I feel like still-photos don't quite convey it. You have to see him in action, get the full audio-video to really perceive his merits. In addition to being rather foxy, the guy exudes a sort of ...I dunno...soulfulness. So you have a really dreamy dude befriending this adorable little girl and then add to that gorgeous vistas and cool costumes. How could I not dig this movie??

embarrassing admission..

I am somewhat inept at pumping my own gas. I mean, I comprehend the basic procedure (I'm not that mentally deficient) but I am totally reliant on the gas pump "trigger kickstand" and those seem to have inexplicably vanished from 98% of all gas pumps. So yeah,my problem is that I don't really know when my tank is full. I know it's supposed to click off when it's full, just like it does when you use the kickstand, but it will also click off just if you apply a skoach extra pressure. So, if I'm pumping gas (sans kickstand) and the thing clicks off, I'm never really sure if it's due to a full tank, or if my bored hand seized up. And lately, in these frigidyass January days, it's harder than usual to perceive my hand clenching as the bastard is numb and frozen. I can sometimes hear the gas reaching the top of the tank, but usually there's too much background noise for me to aurally hone in on such a faint sound.

Oh,and have I previously mentioned that my dashboard gas gauge is completely nonfunctional?? Has always been busted. My routine is to zero the tripometer every time I fill up and then I watch the miles (not the worthless P.O.S. gas gauge) and hasten to a gas station at around 300 miles. So obviously, I'd like to be totally certain that my tank is, in fact, FULL when I fill it, dig?

I feel like such a schmendrick, tellin' ya all that. Still love me??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock Me Amadeus!!

Happy 253rd Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!! Y'know, as much as I try to not be a cretin, (and I do in fact, enjoy a good deal of classical music) still the thing I love mostest about Mozart is that he inspired Falco to crank out "Rock Me Amadeus"
I was walking through the Finance Dept at work yesterday and I spied someone on Blogger...blogging. Shame, SHAME, I KNOW YOUR NAME!!

On principle, I don't really object. In my heart of hearts, I am definitely for a li'l slacking off on the job. I know that's a hard-to-defend position, especially in today's economy... Well, I probably couldn't defend it, but I feel it to be right...much like how I feel about the 10 minute grace period. I feel like, if your shift is say, 8am-5pm, you can get to work anywhere between 8-8:10 am and still be considered on time. Too bad that's not universally accepted by employers. Ohhh, if only I ran a bidness...(it would crash & burn in a month or two!!)

Anyways, back to the Finance Dept blogger. Now, while I wasn't opposed to her blogging, it did irk me. What the hell is Finance doing that their drones have all this down time?? I want in on that dept!! I mean, that used to be ME! I used to have time to sneak a post in during the day!! Now I'm busy all day and not accomplishing a damn thing. I feel like I finish little bits of things but I'm constantly getting sidetracked some way or another, and my "Pending" pile never quite manages to shrink.

I'm trying to keep in mind that Change-of-Status form I've got in with HR. They have got to approve that and gimme some more green. Surely all this uncharacteristic dilligence would be less of a pain in my arse if I was chasing a bigger carrot, y'know?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Muppet music

Last posting, I was saying how many terrif songs I've discovered from watching my Muppet Show DVDs. Here are two examples...

Even though I did find & buy these songs, iTunes didn't have these versions, unfortunately... (iTunes is abominably lacking in Muppet fare)

short list of stuff I'm diggin' right now...

1. VH1's Confessions of a Teen Idol--
Ok, all the principles are kind of ridiculous, (the so-called "idols") but y'know what I love about it?? Co-yodas Jason Hervey & Scott Baio--those two are the cat's jammies. I love how Jason Hervey has grown up to be all mysteriously ,behind-the-scenes-type successful and he shows up being rather chillaxed and benevolent when part of you expects him to be all Wayne Arnold and give one o' these guys a noogie. It's that defiance of expectations that is so delightful. And then you've got Scott Baio as the acting Dr Drew figure. I don't know why that thrills me so. It's that flouting of expectations again , I suppose. One doesn't expect terms like "wisdom" "mentor" and "CHACHI" to be associated with the same dude, y'know.

2. Marina City-Chicago-- I picked up an illustrated encyclopedia of North American Architecture the other night (this one, specifically) and though I have yet to pore over it thoroughly, I was very taken with the Marina City towers. I was daydreaming about setting up in one of those condos, and the big question (was not if I could afford it..because the answer to that is an unequivocal & resounding NOOO) was if that were, hypothetically, my digs, would I dare to hang out on my own balcony?? I certainly don't get afraid of heights when inside a skyscraper, but in the open air?? I dunno. The top of the Empire State Building was a cinch, because the fencing around that is hellah tall (for obvious reasons). But the Marina City condo balconies sport railings that look to be about waist high. Maybe you're not likely to fall over that, but it's not impossible. Especially not if you're a "tippler" and, as it happens, in this hypothetical alternate reality, I do throw a good number of cocktail parties. Pity.

Oh, additionally, I was researching the features & amenities of the Marina City complex and discovered that one of the three on site eateries is an intriguing place called Dick's Last Resort. I'd never heard of this place before, but I guess it's a smallish nationwide chain. Hmm--curioso. Maybe I'll seek out the Boston branch one of these days.

3. Folk music-- I certainly don't want to represent myself as any sort of afficionado. I'm dabbling at of my kicks, you know. I just redeemed an iTunes gift card and 3/4 of the stuff I bought was folk tunes. Here is, specifically, what I got...
*Cottleston Pie
*Lavender Blue (Burl Ives)--OK.. these first 2 are maybe more children's songs (with Disney connections) but they sort of feel folky to me.
*The Fox (by Odetta) --the version I have is by Odetta, but not a live version (like the one I linked to here) I like the one on my iPod better, but in both versions she sings "Old Mother Flipper Flapper" in a way that never fails to make me chuckle
*Leatherwing Bat (by Peter,Paul , & Mary) Discovered this song when I saw Judy Collins sing it on The Muppet Show. I don't know how many "MUST-HAVE" songs I've discovered by watching my DVDs of seasons 1-3 of the Muppet Show. A ton of 'em, really. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Judy Collins version on iTunes. Bah.
*Froggy Went A-Courtin' (Doc Watson) -- I also have an awesome "Cotton Eyed Joe" by Watson. I did a little research on Doc and was kinda awestruck. He lost his sight as a baby but is just amazing on the guitar & banjo nonetheless. I guess it might be sorta condescending of me to be so astonished at blind people accomplishing stuff, but I always am... I think because, when I imagine myself as blind I see it as a whole lot of me wallowing in self pity and barking orders at people. (Get me a fucking Diet Coke NOW!! Are you going to let me die of thirst because I can't see my way into the kitchen you heartless bitch??") Have I ever mentioned here that the inventor of cruise control was blind?? Yep, Ralph Teetor..and after you read up on him, I suggest checking out Doc Watson.
OK, back to the topic of folk music, before I commence ta blathering on about Helen Keller and Mary Ingalls
*Billy Boy (Ed McCurdy)-- I enjoy this song right up until the end where a pivotal "plot point" is revealed via rapidly sung math equation. Now, I struggle with math problems when they're laid out in black & white on a paper before me, so as you mighta guessed, I'm just hopeless at solving this one.
*Old Dan Tucker (Oscar Brand) I'm kind of smitten with Old Dan Tucker. He washed his face in a frying pan, for the love o' Pete's Dragon!! How can you not love that??
*(Green Corn) Come Along Charlie (Josh White)-- my favorite acquisition. I just LOVE this song.

Karma or Korean food???

As you'll recall, on Tuesday I succumbed to an entirely fictitious bout of nausea that precluded me from going to work. So, is it karmic or just coincidental then, that I got sick for reals on Friday? All day on Friday, I was not feeling right in the tummy region... but I skipped breakfast (just had a.m. coffee and a late morning Diet Coke) so I really couldn't distinguish whether I felt ill or if I was having hunger pains. So at lunchtime, I walked over to Shaw's and picked up a small size tomato basil vegetable soup and a couple smoothies (Bolthouse Farms-- C-boost & Strawberry Banana) But when I got back I slurped down a half spoonful of the soup and couldn't bear to touch any more of it. So I drank one of the smoothies over the course of the afternoon but I firmly concluded that my "not feeling right" was not hunger pains when I headed to the bathroom in the late afternoon (3 ish) to dry heave for about 5 minutes. As much as I enjoy the undisputable downtime & respite that office potty visits afford me (seriously-- work is that lousy lately) I am still very glad that I did NOT yarf at work. Nope. I postponed that until about 6pm. So after I booted up all of that C-boost I didn't dare eat anything until late this morning when I made myself some waffles. They seemed to set alright so then I went out to dinner and had steak tips. OOOops! A trifle too audacious, that. Now my stomach is making these constant hideous "BLRRRRGGGGLLEMWWAARRRBRRBLLBRR" noises and I'm having yellow foamy poos. Sorry to be so graphic. I'm too in the moment, too preoccupied with my present gastrointestinal distress to worry about delicacy. I'm tempted to ring up my bro-in-law and have him search about for "yellow foam" in the What's Your Poo Telling You? desk calendar I gave him for his b-day.

I did get some funky Korean food from Yama's on Wednesday night (also had leftovers for lunch Thurs) Don't get me wrong, I've had some great eats at Yama's-- for instance, their sushi is terrif ,also I always enjoy their pad thai & gyozas. But sometimes I get too experimentally minded for my own good. I got all stoked to try something *new* and I ordered---
Now, generally, I do enjoy spicy . The buffalo wing, for example, is a great friend of mine. But there is a nice spicy and then there's just masochistic spicy. This Yukyejang dish was of the latter class. But I thought, maybe the next day, perhaps it would have somehow mellowed, plus I would dump in all my leftover sticky rice and that would temper it a bit so I could enjoy it for my Thursday lunch . Well, it was a bit more bearable, but nothing I would order again. For one thing, I noticed that, floating amidst the scallions, shredded beef, and eggy bits ( all lovely components, especially the eggy bits-- that was what had sold me-- I love eggy bits in my Asian food. Unfortunately the BRIGHT RED ATOMIC BROTH detracted from aforesaid components) were these small, stem-like bits that were very GREY. I mused aloud (to the dismay of Larry who happened to be in the lunch room at the same time) that there was something that looked like either tails or umbilical cords bobbing about in my soup. The first one I noticed, I gawked at it, pointedly did NOT ingest it, wadded it up into a napkin and tossed it into the garbage. But then I saw a couple more and thought: Ok, one or two might be a tail /umbilical cord (you know, one of those freak finger-in-the-Wendy's-chili incidents) but with three bits, it's got to be somethin' that's supposed to be in there, right? So I supposed it to be a piece of some kooky Asian mushroom and stopped eating around them. They weren't very tasty though. Like I said, **NOT** something I'd order again.

But all that said, I don't think the yukyejang got me sick. If it were that, wouldn't I have been sick Wednesday or Thursday night???

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this movie looks promising...

day of rest/guilt

I called in "sick" today. It was about 30% not wanting to get out of bed and 70% being worn down by my job lately. After calling in, I went back to bed, woke up at 11am and my first thought: "I can't believe I did that." And now there is this heavy fog of trepidation surrounding my return to work tomorrow. I feel like I was seen through or like I am going to be instantly. And you know when you miss work and you get this paranoia about what went down when you weren't there to play defense?? Maybe it's just me. But I feel like management must take the opportunity (of my absence) to detect everything I've let languish or fall through the cracks and also to closely peruse the state of disarray my desk is in.

On the other hand...I deserved a break. And, it's not like I've made a habit of this (in fact, it's the first time I've done this job).

I'm kind of disgusted with myself that I can't just play hooky without incurring this weighty torment over it. I guess I wish I was more Ferris Buellery...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr Morton is the subject of the sentence--and what the predicate sez he does

I have Schoohouse Rock--Grammar Rock on my iPod. I don't quite remember when I put it on there, but for some reason none of those 10 songs came up in shuffle mode until just recently. The other morning, I was en route to work and "The Tale of Mr Morton" came on. It's the most romantic song about grammar ever. I am just lovin' that song! I don't remember it from back in the day (not surprising--subsequent research has found it aired at the very end of Schoolhouse Rock's run-- 1993) So now I've been listening to all the Grammar Rock songs and find myself in awe of how brilliant these songs are. I think especially listening to 'em on the iPod --without the accompanying animation-- highlights how very well written the music was. Of course the complete cartoons were a kick too... I was thrilled to find THIS SR site with lyrics to all the songs and links to the cartoons on YouTube.

These are the Grammar Rock songs --
1. Busy Prepositions
2.Conjunction Junction-- To me, this is the ubiquitous Schoolhouse Rock song. I had a ringer tee that I used to wear quite a bit that had the "Conjunction Junction" logo on it w/ the little engineer dude . WTF ever happened to that tee? I am so sorry to have misplaced it! Anyways, this song is performed by Jack Sheldon, who is the dude who performed all the best Schoolhouse Rock ditties (Conjunction Junction, Tale of Mr Morton, Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla, & I'm Just a Bill) whom I was surprised to discover is a white dude. You know how sometimes you listen to a song and just automatically get a notion of the singers' race? Like how sooo many radio listeners circa 1987 thought Rick Astley was black ...and how I was always certain that the lead singer of Cameo was white (I mean...he sounded like such a poindexter I just couldn't conceive of him being a black guy...mind you, this was back in pre-Urkel times.) Anyways, you get the gist... I had always been sure the singer of "I'm Just a Bill" & "Conjunction Junction" was black. And today, in my Schoolhouse Rock mania just a modicum of searching turned up these three biographical factoids about Mr. Sheldon: 1) White guy 2) Not dead yet and.. 3)also an accomplished trumpet player!!
3.Interjections!-- One of the most effective ones. The lesson is very clear in this one-- I bet if I was 4 or 5 hearing that song...I could grasp the concept of interjections after 1 listen. But it's catchy's not like it's a godawful drag like some of those America Rock! tunes
4.Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get your Adverbs Here
5. Rufus Xavier Sasparilla-- I love this one ... another Jack Sheldon. Very funny, and still, I do think it explains pronouns pretty comprehensibly.
6. Unpack your Adjectives-- another very good one. Slightly less catchy but still a good song. I hadn't known that Blossom Dearie had performed any Schoolhouse Rock tunes but she did this one (and a few others-- Math & History)
7. Verb:That's What's Happening-- "I get my thiiiing in action!" This song is sounds like the most danceable song on the Hair soundtrack ('cept it's not off the Hair soundtrack..just sounds like it oughtta be) In fact, I was shakin' my arse to this song while I was cooking sweet tater home fries for dinner tonight. Shakin' and cooking--them's verbs. But that song really might be too groovy to teach the lesson. It's hard for me to contemplate parts of speech while wanting to's like different sectors of your brain are battling...not all that conducive to learning. Still, I love this song.
8. Noun is a Person Place or Thing
9. The Tale of Mr Morton-- this is the one that's really stuck in my noggin . I shoulda skipped the YouTube clip--I thought the animation was meh. It definitely stands out from that great, classic 70s look found in the classic SR bits. It really looks like Heathcliff-caliber cartoonage. might be by the Heathcliff people. Crappy crap-o-la. But still, the song is boss... check it out...

more job blathering

Larry is (thank God!) growing back his moustache. I think he was perceptive enough to pick up on the nonverbal negative feedback , all those disconcerted "trying-not-to-stare-at-your-upper-lip" looks.

Oh, there's another aesthetically disconcerting guy at work--Mark. I am glad I don't have a lot of dealings with him...well, mostly because I don't like him. But on a purely superficial level....he..uhh..well, he either needs a heavy ply undershirt or a package o' Low Beams. I don't recall, in all my years, ever encountering a guy smuggling raisins like that. I feel as if there must have been a few incidents here and there --but nothing really stuck in my memory. Mark stands out though (LITERALLY..haa hardy har har) because it's severe and EVERYDAY. Oh, OK, maybe it's not fair to say everyday. But every time I see him that is the unfortunate case. He seems to be a big fan of the clingy polo shirt. I can only hope he has some hooded sweatshirts for his off-hours wardrobe. Hoodies are my go-to garment when I want low profile ta tas (aka days I can't be bothered with strapping on a bra)

I've been having dreams about work... about having missed supplies I had to order, reorganizing med supplies, crap like that (no nipply nightmares, thankfully). I hate it when work impinges on my ZZZzzzzs, man. I had one sort of surreal one where I was doing laps around the building on stilts. I would think the more fitting trick would be juggling, but I guess my subconscious was trying to be more metaphorically creative.

On the + side.. I met with Cathy today to discuss all my job duties and she told me I was really doing a great job --either because I am or because she thinks that I am or because it's glaringly evident to all that I'm thisclose to unravelling and she is trying to bolster my frail morale. All I know is I'm trying really hard. I hope it all becomes "old hat " soon and then it will be less work to me. I'll be honest-- I don't like working so hard and I'm not crazy about responsibility. Oh, but I did infer a silver lining at the outset of the paragraph--I nearly forgot. Well, I ever-so-gingerly brought up the topic of a pay increase... I don't know what the outcome is gonna be there. First off, YAY ME for broaching the subject (I was feeling rather wussy about it). And I didn't quite get shot more of a "we'll see". I can't get a review until my 1 yr anniversary rolls around in May but Cathy is submitting a "Change of Status " form to HR to switch me from "office specialist" to "administrative assistant" (they both sound terribly drab and peon-esque but I'm told the latter is an upgrade) and she said IF there is a higher pay bracket for that, and IF they have the $$ for it...she made it sound as if she were going to lobby for it with the higher ups. Oh, I half suspect that she's just paying me lip service... But I suppose I was really readying myself for a quick and definitive "NO we don't have the $$" or "NO we can't consider it until your annual review" Consequently, a line of B.S./"we'll see" answer seemed downright encouraging.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, I've covered how stressed work's had me as of late. It's not only the stress of having to play bad cop that's wearing on me. It's also that my job right now is not very clearly defined. All these departments are wanting something from me, and while it is nice to be needed, I'm also feeling spread very thin... and like there's not enough hours in the day. It's no friggin' wonder that it takes me a lifetime to finish a simple project, I'll be starting a spreadsheet and suddenly there's someone at my desk --" I need saline solution and 3x3 gauze" and then back to my desk, 3 minutes pass and another visitor--"The finance printer is out of toner". And my computer was exceptionally freeze-prone this past week. I can't remember the last time I wrapped work at 4:30pm like I'm supposed to (and I'm sure as shit not getting OT $$ for it, I reeeeeally hope somebody's taking notice!!) So that's what work's been like lately, anyways.

So have you ever had your shuffling iPod miraculously spit out the most absolutely perfect song for your mood?? That happened twice to me this week on my commute home from work. One night I heard Grandmaster Flash's The Message and the next night Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money. (I always want to call that song "She Works Hard for the Money-but They Never Treat Her Right" -- the proper title feels very incomplete to me)

Okay, well The Message has a lot of stuff about societal ills of the ghetto that don't quite apply to me and Summer's song is specifically about a hooker**, but the choruses of both felt especially meaningful to me.

Speaking of tunes..watching Mamma Mia on New Year's Day Night seems to have whet my appetite for ABBA. I have quite a bit of ABBA on my iPod, but it has recently come to my attention that I am woefully lacking their song Money, Money, Money. And that song is another one that would come on and feel exceptionally relevant. (I would nod vigorously in agreement, all "Oh, man, I feel ya! This is like MY THEME SONG! Sing it, Bjorn!!" Seriously! check out the lyrics here and see why it is very much in the running to be my official theme song)
I do have Chiquitita on my iPod but had never really given it its due before. But I am really digging it lately. I like the piano bits and I think the line "Chiquitita you and I cry, but the sun is still in the sky and SHINING ABOVE YOU" is really lovely. The song makes "Chiquitita" sound like a proper name, but I do think it's just a common Spanish term of endearment meaning either "little banana" or "chicken tits" HA!!

Dig this...

Is it not enough that they are one of the best pop music acts in the world-nay,the universe!--but presumably the quartet are ALSO master snowman crafters!! That snowdude makes Frosty look bush league, yo.

**Ummm, yeah, I was fact checking and discovered that "She Works Hard for the Money" is actually *not* about a prostitute. I seriously always thought that. Guess that's pretty telling of the subversive nature of my noggin, eh?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Public Enemy Numero UNO

SOS-I'm struggling with job related stress!! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!! So, y'all know that effective, ohhh, a coupla weeks ago, I am no longer the VNA's front desk dame. Our Wilder office (HR, Executive, Marketing depts) merged with our W Lebanon office (clinical/ clinical support ) in W Leb and the Wilder receptionist took over front desk duties and I became office "gun for hire" and fair game for anyone & everyone to co-opt as their own personal lackey (of course, I do prefer the term "gun for hire" over "lackey") I knew I was going to be helping Cathy out--that much I was prepared for. But Family Support Services team wants me for data entry help for stats they have to submit monthly. The Hospice group wants clerical help. But what has really been sucking up the bulk of my time is being the Co-Warden of Supplies. Part of my job is ordering all the supplies--office supplies (which is a breeze) and now medical supplies (which I am learning bit by bit-- it's a lot to remember...for instance, you wouldn't believe how many different types of gauze and wound dressings we deal in-- it's insaaaane) The ordering part of it is okay...although it's a bit high pressure, thinking of being responsible for our patients steeping in an uncomfy swamp of piss in the event that I don't get their cath bag ordered in a timely fashion (so far I've been able to keep on top of it!!) But the real loathsome part of the job is that all the supplies-- office& medical are in this supply room that is now (as of this past Tuesday) locked up and only accessible via key card. We have 4 clinical managers who have card access to the room (instead of the supply room, I like to call it the Lare lair because Larry's desk is in there) one scheduler (Vickie) does, then Larry & me. But I have been officially designated the supplies point person--this official designation coming from an email the area director sent the other day that dropped my name about 50 times in it. There's something slightly queasifying about an all-agency email that has your full name mentioned in it.

So anyways...if anyone wants office or med supplies they have to fill out a form (the paperwork is in wall-mounted racks outside The Lair) indicating name, date & their needs and they bring this completed form to yours truly and I go in and fill their order for them. This is a switch from the former system in which they just went into an unlocked supply room and helped themselves to what they needed. So, as you might have surmised, the staff is not overly enthusiastic about this policy change. And WHOM d'ya think is feeling the brunt of the belligerence?? That'd be moi. I'm a bit sickened by it myself. I mean...y'all know how I feel about THE MAN (not warm & fuzzy) and now I seem to very much be an emissary of THE MAN. It seems--when I want to hold on to my sad pittance of a paycheck-- that my principles are pretty malleable.
Anyways, having to amp up my wit & charm (considerable though it is) in order to retain the good opinion of the resentful staff's a smidge tiring.
Ohh! And then the other day, I take one o' the physical therapists into the lair with me to fill her order. I've taken staff in there with me before, but this was the first time I did it when Larry was in there. He came up to me afterwards and he's like:"I really can't have you taking people through my office like that" He seemed to be miffed that: A) our chatter was distracting him from a phone conversation and B) I took her in there to get one thing and she saw toe nail clippers that she didn't have and took those...and he, I suppose, perceived that as just the sort of gratuitous supply filching that it's his new mission in life to combat. And to these two points I just wanted to counter: A) it was not MY piss-poor planning that put your dumbass desk in the supply room, asshole and B) I was doing Penny's sign out sheet for her and marked down the g-d toenail clippers and furthermore, if she is willing and able to take those things to the yellow, craggy talons of an old person's foot, then she is MOST WELCOME to the clippers, along with a hearty helping of my sincerest admiration. And this further pissed me off because in past weeks, when we were arranging supplies and shelves in there he was asking for my input and said "I want you to think of this as YOUR OFFICE too." He musta said that a dozen friggin' times and has in other words encouraged me to go in there freely as needed & to have a sense of ownership of the supply room. I suspect he says this because he hopes when he's off at the other branches, I'm in there arranging & sorting things so he doesn't have to arrange & sort anything. It would be pretty sweet to have an office methinks, but I'd rather have my desk in the fucking parking lot than have to share an office with Larry. I was training in Springfield with this lady Delce (who's been with the agency since the dawn of time & has been ordering med supplies for much of her tenure) and Larry called her on the phone and joked that he was moving my desk into the supply room with his and I said (in a half holler) "NO ...WAY" And there was that pause in the middle of that, since I had to struggle to stifle the word "fucking". Anyways, even though I certainly do NOT want the lair as my office, it vexed me that he's so quick to change his tune, because I took this giant tour group of ONE other person through there and we forgot to use our library voices, and then he's all "I really can't have you taking people through my office like that" So internally I snapped back "It's my office too, FARTFACE, so I can bring through whoever the fuck I want to"

Furthermore, I think what he is proposing for supply acquisition SOP is pretty rude! I mean, management is already insulting the staff by putting supplies under lockdown. OK, in management's defense, if their research shows that the agency is hemorrhaging money via supplies then there probably is a sound method to this madness and probably there was some filching going on. But, I can see where the staff is offended also. Of course, it's easy for me to see their side (not being management myself, plus having very strong anti-TheMan sympathies to begin with). But it's also a classic case of "a few bad apples spoiling the bunch". There's plenty of clinicians, I am sure, who were perfectly sensible in their supply-taking, but they have to be micromanaged & policed now due to a handful of filchers. And of the filchers, I'm sure much of it was absent mindedness, poor planning, etc. Maybe it's very "Pollyanna" of me, but I don't think much of it can be truly attributed to calculated extortion. So anyways, not only are they having to fill out a form to have me obtain supplies out of lock-up, but I'm also now expected to SHUT THE DOOR IN THEIR FACE and say "Oh, you are not permitted to come in here with me. So sorry." That's effing redonkulous.

Instead of countering all of the preceding(very good) arguments I just said (paraphrasing here-), "That's fine for office supplies, but while I'm still learning what med supplies we use, I need to bring them in there with me so I understand what they want. I'm learning these products, but I am learning them by the name printed on the package, and the specs listed on the vendor website, but the clinicians that actually use this stuff have their own unique jargon for it a lot of the time. It's like we're speaking 2 different languages and it's really helpful if we can both go in there and look at the stuff." And he just sort of said "Hmm. Yeah." and nodded, but didn't really seem too enthused about conceding the point. Bastard.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I drink your milkshake!! I DRINK IT UP!!

That has nothing to do with my impending post. I just love that line for some odd reason. I want to do some kind of sick Kelis-Daniel Day Lewis mash-up, but I half-suspect it's already somewhere on YouTube and I want to PIONEER that shite or I won't even bother, y'know??

Today I went to Keene shopping. My whole objective was to obtain my 2009 calendar. The W Lebanon Borders selection was meh, and the Dartmouth Bookstore's was downright lousy. So I set off for the next closest Borders. I wanted to get a Schott's Miscellany desk calendar but, although the Keene Borders' selection was a smidge better, they didn't have Schott's either. But I figured, it's Jan 4th, so I best get something. So I picked up this desk calendar instead. I've had it in previous's a good one. If I happen to run across the Schott's Calendar in my travels, (perhaps in Feb or March at which point it will be 75% off) then I'll pick it up. I know, I know, I could just buy the bugger offa Amazon, but it really galls me to pay shipping on stuff.

I was tempted to buy ABBA Singstar for the PS2...but then recalled I don't actually have a PS2 (or a gaming console of any kind) I'm just becoming addicted to my sister's. If I picked up a Singstar game, it really ought to cater to everyone's tastes. I have a feeling like I'm the only one who'd appreciate the ABBA edition (after all, Fernando is , in my mind, the uberultimate karaoke song...if I had to karaoke to save my life, that is *probably* what I'd sing, with a slight outside chance that I'd go with Ice Ice Baby instead) and it would wind up as more of a one-woman show than a game.

Next door to Game Stop (which is a really cluttered and disorganized mess of a store, BTW) is Bed, Bath, &Beyond which I popped into on an impulse and I am SO GLAD I did because 'twas there that I found exactly what I'd been wanting to get my Dad for his b-day (coming up on Jan 6) I got him.....the SHAMWOW!! Damned exciting, don'tcha think? I'm stoked, anyways. Perhaps I'll also buy one of those giant gallons of gross supermarket brand cola and then immediately after presenting him with the Shamwows, I will proceed to empty the whole jug onto the livingroom carpet and then we'll see what those mo-fos can do, eh?? The chick that rang me up at Bed, Bath & Beyonce (ha,haaa! oh my, that is FUNNY) said that her b.f. is a Shamwow owner and he really likes the product. So, obviously, I am quite optimistic.

Here's another purchase of interest... among other things I picked up at Target, I bought a box of Pepperidge Farms Wheat Crisps. I know, I know, I should've opened with that and then broke the news about ShamWOW because that seemed terribly anticlimactic as I just typed it. But lemme tell ya, compadres, I had these at my sister's on New Year's Eve and I was continually & compulsively dumping these into my mouthhole. They are damned tasty. I want to infiltrate the Pepperidge Farms farmlands, locate the silo with the Wheat Crisps in it, and shut myself in there for 3 or 4 days. Mmmm-mmm!

vocabularic oddity's word du jour for Jan 3,2009--

yegg \yeg\, noun:a burglar who robs safes; safecracker

Huh. That's one woid I's nevah hoid!!
I just changed the desktop to this terrific Tamara deLempicka pic. It's one I've used before (in the winter, of course, as I do endeavor to be seasonally apropos)

One thing that really irks me about my current gig is that we can't style our desktops the way we want. Oh, we get our pick of whatever solid color we wanna put on there, but that's it pally!! Yep, the IT Dept blocked the worker bees from putting pictures on their desktops. This change happened quite some time before I came on board (so yeah..for the's nothing *I* instigated) and Paul told me the management's explanation of the ban was that it "takes up too much memory" That is such horseshit.

Of course, I did my damnedest to try to reset my computer settings myself so's I could pick a pic from the 'net for my dice yet though. So far all I've managed is to make my screensaver a slideshow of findings I've stashed in my My Pictures folder. And that is a very tiny victory because our computers are also set to only have the screensaver up for 5 minutes or so before zonking into sleep mode...well "locked" mode actually. This is on account of those blasted HIPAA regs...which the agency is ridiculously overzealous about.

Anyways, I went on and took pics from there for a 20s fashion themed slide show. That site is definitely worth a peek (the "Art Deco & Pochoir" section that is...all the other sections are totally skippable). I think Erte is the ubiquitous Art Deco fashion artist but I really abhor his stuff. My favorite artists therein are:

George Barbier
Francesco Javier Gose
Etienne Drian (below)

A.E. Marty
Pierre Brissaud (below)

and Fernand Simeon, who has a neat woodblock-looking style (although I don't know what medium(s) he actually did use) The site is featuring a lot more of Simeon's work than it had been the last time I'd checked it and me gusto mucho. For instance...

Ok, so WHAT would be so terribly offensive if I had that splashed across my desktop? I can't believe that even in the nursing industry they want to cultivate legions of corporate automatons, but that is precisely the case. I blame this new CEO (she is fairly new, came on the scene about 3 mos before I did, so she has less than a year under her belt) I had high hopes for her after hearing she was from Maine. Not sure exactly why I am predisposed to think's either my knowing that Patrick Dempsey is from Maine or from my having watched Sarah Plain & Tall about 100 times over. Could also be my fondness for lobster . Whatever the reason, I was surpised to discover she is a real bitch-on-wheels dragon lady. I don't know anyone in the agency who likes her. Whatev...I shall not let her ruin Maine for me, I'll instead brand her the exception to the ME rule...a freak anomaly.

I want to work for a company that appreciates art and beauty and g-damned INDIVIDUALITY!! I know there are many companies that purport to...but am beginning to seriously doubt that there truly is such a place. I was kvetching to the Eileen-posse at dinner the other evening that my ideal gig is tragically gone the way of the dodo (not in those exact words...I only talk like this in type, you know) I would've liked to have lived in an era (I think the 17th ce was prime for this) where the filthy rich amused themselves by sponsoring the creative & charming professional bon vivant types... and I would be the latter type in this scenario. Although I of course would have no fierce objections to being the former ("filthy rich" that is...I could work with any era!!).

movies movies movies

Movies I've watched recently...

The Beautician and the Beast- put this DVD in a few nights back (yeeeah, I own it on DVD) because I was trying to resist popping in yet another period drama/romance literary adaptation type movie...I get carried away with those. I think I've watched my DVDs of Northanger Abbey & Persuasion (the 2007 BBC productions) at least a dozen times each. Anyways, I was trying to ween myself off of that type fare but still wanted a romance. So I went with this. It is just as vapid as you're supposing, but it's an enjoyable enough way to wile away 102 minutes. It's The Nanny comes to Eastern Europe. Better than The Nanny, really, as there's not that wretched theme song, and Timothy Dalton is far more attractive than that Maxwell Sheffield fellah. Is it an indication of how thoroughly warped I am, that I find Fran Drescher charming? If I could vote for NY state senators, she'd SOO have my vote.

The Wedding Date-- this was on TNT the other night and I watched it even having missed the beginning, which is a big thing for me. This is a formulaic bit of the usual rom-com fluff, but enjoyable pretty much due to both the leads being quite likable. I do think that the relationship was a bit underdeveloped...and the movie has a very short run time so they really could've afforded to tack on a few extra scenes and flesh the story out a smidge. However, my primary response to this flick...what I think every time I watch it really, (I have the DVD) is...DAAAMN that Dermot Mulroney is a FINE looking specimen!!! (I can't help how superficial I am...oh, perhaps I can try...maybe that'll be a resolution for '09??)

Mamma Mia!-- A very frothy good time, as any production founded on the canon of ABBA should be. But oh!!--one bit that was certainly NOT a good time for me--listening to Pierce Brosnan sing. I would not have held it against the director if she had opted to have someone else sing his songs and dub them in. I know that's generally considered a cheap, Milli Vanilliesque move or whatev, but I think an exception should definitely definitely be made in Pierce Brosnan's case. Oy. It's a good thing he's pretty.

Last night, I stopped at Hollywood Video, a place I have managed to avoid for months and months and months now. I shun it because I never wind up renting there, I am too enticed by their pre-viewed DVD sales. I thought I was strong enough to go in there, pick up some used PS2 games for my bro-in-law (his birthday's this Monday) and leave with just those PS2 games. But my spending willpower is always very feeble so near to payday. The siren song of the pre-viewed DVDs overtook me yet AGAIN. So I bought: The Fall Nim's Island Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day & There Will Be Blood
I've only watched 2 of these so far...

Last night, I was in the mood for lighter fare, so I watched Nim's. Jodie Foster was actually quite likable in this whereas I usually find her inexplicably offputting. And I would seems to me , anyhow...that just the proximity to Gerard Butler would switch her back into hetero mode. And she was not just working with him, they had, like, 3/4 of a scene where they mimed romantic bliss. So, I don't see how it could be avoided, in that case.

Tonight I watched There Will Be Blood. I really liked it. It was, overall, a dark movie, but I found myself laughing quite a bit throughout the flick. Not just laughing, but talking to the screen too. If you can't just shut up and watch, you have to emit a gasp or an appalled "You bastard!" --that's the mark of quality cinema right there. It was odd...this main character progresses from rather crooked to balls-to-the-wall EVIL (as well as totally loco)..and still I found myself "rooting" for him. Well, for the most of the movie anyways . When he gets in the argument with the adult HW...well that was what finally turned me , made me at last judge the character unredeemable. I probably was predisposed to root for Plainview because he was portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis...whom I adore. He's just an AMAZING actor. I'm inclined to think the Academy Award he got for this (his second, I believe) was totally merited (I can't say that 100% not having seen the performances he was up against...but I'm like 99.9% sure he was the rightful victor) Oh, and I think it a major oversight that Paul Dano wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor for this flick. It woulda been easy to be overshadowed by Lewis, but Dano really impressed me.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Year's Eve was decent (if unspectacular). First thing, my coworker Eileen asked me to go to Margarita's with her friend & her. It wound up being her friend Kristen (whom I'd known from my brief GDT career) Kristen's friend Deb, and Deb's friend whose name I can't remember, but probably her countenance will be seared on my memory forever because her dark eye makeup was alarmingly excessive. And it's not as if she was some Goth broad, either. She was preppy (if we must resort to generalistic labels)but apparently woefully mistaught when it comes to cosmetics. Well, whatever, let's just call her "Rocky" shall we? To make a short story inordinately long, there were 5 of us for dinner, and I'm only passingly acquainted with one of them.

I say "my coworker Eileen" and not "my friend Eileen" because, well, although I get along with Eileen well enough I have yet to decide if she really merits entree into my entourage. She's very nice, but kind of uptight seeming. She gets too agitated over her stupid peon job (and I just can't relate to anyone who's not a fellow slacker, I suppose). I am compelled to brand her geeky, but that feels mean (but yeeah, she kinda is) But [to be fair & balanced] here's a compliment-- I was SHOCKED to find out, on her birthday back in November, that she is 46. She looks a good 10 yrs younger than that. However... do you know anybody that makes you think " What a prime candidate for one of those makeover shows!! She is what such shows were invented for!" You're thinking "SANDRA!" aren't ya? Au contraire, smartass. I know how to dress and preen, I just choose--more often than not--to not divest the time & effort . But Eileen truly is ideal makeover material. She's got a good foundation-- tall, good figure, blond hair. But she dresses horribly. With Lasik, a good hairstyle, new wardrobe and just a dusting of makeup, she'd be a KO.. ..and probably look 15 years younger than she really is.
Sorry..I hadn't intended to embark on this big Eileen tangent. But I just gotta add that one of the perils of being a super nice person (such as Eileen) is that you are not very discriminating in the company you keep. You wind up hanging out with...ehhh..not exceptionally interesting or witty types, no one who's overly fun, sort of bland type people...who are all exceedingly kind and sweet and nice. Well, that seems to be (upon first impression) the friends that Eileen has. Not really my crowd, I'm afraid. (ohh...I am so aware of my mile-wide catty bitch streak right now!!) Anyways, dinner was okay. My fajitas were good (everyone else got salads...booo.) and I got 2 of my fave Margarita's margaritas (the Lime-in-the-Coconut Margarita) so it wasn't a total loss.

Then I went to my sister's. I don't know if it was the margaritas or the subsequent champagne or if it was working all day beforehand, but it was all I could do to stay up to midnight. I made it though...just barely.

New Year's Day I lazed around at my sister's and cat napped, played Guitar Hero (I am improving!), went sliding, and then in the evening, the kids, Laura, Greg & I went bowling & went out for Chinese buffet. I should always bowl with the guard rails up. Usually I am against it--feels like cheating to me. But it's good for the kiddies and I didn't argue this time....and bowled a personal best. I can't divulge the exact score (I do recall what it was) because even if a personal best, it's shamefully bad.

Oh and then I went home and watched Mamma Mia! I'd had it on my iPod for a while but I was saving it..for a special occasion maybe?? I suppose New Year's Day qualifies. Anyways, I had wanted to see it in the theater this summer but didn't...methinks I shall save my impressions of the flick for my next post...