Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost caught up on my Thurs night season premieres...this is what I watched on my sister's DVR...

1/2 of Ugly Betty..or maybe 1/3...I'm starting to grow apathetic toward that show.

My Name is Earl-- I thought he got married at the end of last season..when did he get the divorce in?? I don't REALLY give a rat's arse, but I was perplexed. I 'spose it's too bad.. Alyssa Milano coulda used the steady work..

The Office-- That proposal was the most romantic thing. It made me mew verklemptishly. It was actually sort of a twitterpated-verklempt hybrid which is a damned complex feeling to impart via mewing. It was a rather nuanced mew. I just love John Krasinski. If I were to read one day that he's dating one of the Pussycat Dolls or a Victoria's Secret model, I would have to...I dunno...just show him the error of his ways , I suppose (Annie Wilkes style).

For some unfathomable reason, Laura failed to DVR Grey's Anatomy. I hafta catch that...sooner rather than later would be preferable.

You carried the watermelon--advance 5 spaces

I saw this at Borders and did a double take. It's a damn good thing I wasn't savoring one of their delightful cafe beverages at the moment, as I would've certainly done a spit take, spewing skim mocha latte all over the stupid thing and then I woulda had to buy it!! (Is there really any store that stands by the you break-it-you-buy-it motto? Was there any store that ever did? I have always half-suspected that that was a phony-baloney store law made up by the U.S. Mommy's Union as a means of keeping their kids' grubby mitts off of everything in the store. But really, I've never had the guts to see if my suspicion was right or not. Which is not to say I've never broken anything in a store. I sure as hell haven't owned up to it....
But ANYWHOOO...back to this wackadoo game... I love Johnny & Baby and their epic saga as much as the next chick, but c'mon folks--really? So that scraping noise was us hitting the very bottom of the ol' idea barrel, eh??
I guess it's not really crazy to base a board game on a movie. I mean, it ain't no thing when I see a High School Musical Game being sold at WalMart--it barely registers. But, y'see any girl from grade 2 through their tween years is just gaga for that HSM shit, soo, that's just good capitalism. But is there really a big demand for Dirty Dancing merchandise, 20+ years after the film's release?? If there is such a demand, I'd be shocked. Possibly it's an underground movement...
Hey, not that I'd ever play anything so foolish but...I would totally kick everyone's ass at this game. No...scratch that..a more ferocious triumph...I would kick everyone's asses and then do the pachanga on their sad, defeated asses!! Yes indeedy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

P.O.S. ride

My car keeps doing this thing where I start it up and then if I drive it a little ways (less than a mile) and then stop (like at the STOP sign at the end of my road for instance) it will SHUT DOWN. It restarts without any problem and then after I get going for a bit, it doesn't do it anymore (at subsequent stops--traffic lights & such..). It did it 3 times at lunch today. When I got to the end of the parking lot, turning out onto the street, and then twice in the fucking Taco Bell drive-thru.

Y'see the symptom itself is damned vexing (obviously), but what makes it even more maddening is that this only happens periodically. I'll have it happen once, and then for the rest of the week, or even for 2 weeks after, it'll run perfectly. And so then the breakdown seems like a fluke, and this works well with my natural tendency to take a "ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away" approach to issues. But then, invariably, it will happen AGAIN, the bastard will have itself a G.D. relapse and I'm all " Arrgh, there's no way around it...there is some kinda PROBLEM with this shitheap."

I mean I should just deduce from the way the thing often sounds (note the word "often"..the audible symptoms are periodic also) that it has sickly innards.

The f-er chirps like Chitty Chitty Bang when I start it up, and then after shutting it down, it ticks and pings for a good 5 minutes afterward like the Griswolds' Family Truckster. (That's the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, to be entirely accurate)
I'm so glad Heroes is back!! Seems like it's been on hiatus for YEARS. In fact, I'm questioning how well I recollect the last episode of last season. I thought we had wound up with Clare thinking her dad was dead. But when HRG came home, she was all "Oh, Dad you're home!" but not "HOLY SHIT--You're ALIVE???" Relieved, but not amazed, y'know? What did I miss?? WTF??

I was glad to see Elle back. She's all at a loss now that she's been canned, but really, considering the bosslady, she's just lucky she didn't get killed or imprisoned. I thought that was amazingly magnanimous of Mama Petrelli...and then seconds later she starts cooing over Sylar & petting him and I'm ALL sorts of perplexed by that 180. Oh, and speaking of hands-down fave moment of the 2parter season premier was when Clare asked Sylar if he was going to eat her brain and he goes "It's YOUR BRAIN, Clare. That's disgusting." that made me chortle.

Curious about that dude that Peter is stuck inside...what was he in the Company hoosegow for? What's his power? He looks like your run-of-the-mill Crip to me, I dunno. Also, if the Freaky Friday laws of soul swappage are to be observed, ya gotsta wonder where that guy's sould wound up. Is it sharing space with Sweet Pete's soul? Or did FuturePete stash it in an empty mayo jar for safekeeping??

During the recap/countdown show, I caught a glimpse of the dude that plays Mohinder (I was only 1/2 paying attention to that) and I thought he looked rather fetching. That slicked-back 'do doesn't work on just anybody, but it looked good on him. And the suit was fly. But then, watching the premier eps, I was reminded what a drip I think Mohinder is. I thought he might be slightly more interesting with powers, but he had to be all dorkily overeager about it. Ah, well, I suppose the acquisition of superpowers is perfectly adequate reason for overeagerness. But I just can't stomach Mohinder for some reason. I was briefly intrigued when it showed he'd developed some kinda hyper-libido (that tramp had just been waiting for that,hadn't she? That was a very ravage-ready outfit she had on.. I don't like her either..they're the perfect couple) But soon after he's all "Yeee-ikes!! What-is-HAPPENING-to-MEEE??" and ripping molty carbuncles off his back (and a loser again)

That roadrunner character (the thief whom Hiro tailed to France-- so unimpressive, I cannot be bothered to recall the character's name) was too cartoony..even for a cartoonish show like Heroes. I hope she doesn't have a big part in this Season.

I hope they don't waste a ton of time getting Parkman out of the desert. Granted, I adore Parkman (probably ties w/ Sweet Pete for title of my 2nd fave character) and I'm SO in favor of him getting more screen time. However, if Hiro's adventures in 16th ce. Japan are any indication, than heroes transporting into fantastical realms= SNOOZZZZE.

you have GOT to be shitting me!!

Wow.. this news item really threw me for a loopedy loop!! I expect the AP report to come in any moment now:"BREAKING NEWS: This just in- sources confirm that yes, a bear does in fact shit in the woods".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

back on the horse

I'm a neglectful shit. Forgive me.

'Kay , some random shit...sundry thoughts & transpirings (don't expect coherence, 'cuz I'm DAMNED RUSTY)--

Got my nails did. ..not so remarkable maybe. But for the first time ever, I shelled out for some upkeep. Yep..I got a fill 2 weeks after I got my nails done initially. Yippy effing skippy, right? Yeah, I realize that is how MOST gals do it. But I've always just gotten gels put on once (often coinciding with me being in somebody-er-other's wedding ..ha haa) and then I just try to MacGuyver the maintenance myself (filling the gap with clear polish & then painting over the whole mess) and let 'em grow out for a while until I finally pry 'em off myself after approx a month.

I may even pay for another fill in about a week. I think I gotta find somewhere else to get 'em done though. I mean, a fill is cheaper than the original job, but still, methinks I could be getting a better deal than a $35 fill.

I finished reading Smilla's Sense of Snow and overall, I recommend it. I had trouble with it at times because it got very sciencey and those parts bored me and made me feel stupid at the same time (neither of which do I enjoy) I guess the reason I overall recommend it is because the main character is a very unique one...worth meeting, so to speak. I just finished up (last night) a novel called A House and its Head (by Ivy Compton- Burnett) and that one was..eehhh. The following is how I summed it up on BookCrossing-

"This book was --for the most part--lots and lots of dialogue. Prim quibbling like "Oh should I have called her by her Christian name? I *do*hope I wasn't being too forward. Do you think it unseemly of me, cousin?" Not a direct quote there, but the book is full of blather just like that. Odd thing is, I usually go for that stuff. Austen, Bronte, Gaskell-- I'm always gleefully devouring books like that. I can't really pinpoint why it didn't engage me in this book. Perhaps there was just too much of it? I kept reading, well, mostly just because I try to be conscientious about finishing the books I start no matter how much of a chore they become (so that I'm at least conscientious in *one* area of my life). Oh, and also the blurb on the back promises "sexual passion" Ummm, not so much. OK, there was passion goin' on,but it was way subtextual. This snooze of a book coulda benefitted from being a smidge more explicit about it, knowwhatimean??Now I would have rated this lower than a 4, except that 3/4 of the way thru, the book delivers a sort of a judo chop to the throat that wakes you up and renders the book memorable. I presume spoilers are verboten, so I'll just say that one of the characters does a baaaad, BAD thing and what got me was not the act, but how it was so nonchalantly woven into the story. It made me do this WTF?? style double take, during the sort of novel in which you don't generally do WTF?? double takes. I was all "HUH? Did she really do what I think she did? And why is everybody acting like it was a bit of foolish caprice?" Seriously, this is a JAIL-WORTHY OFFENSE and her family acts as if she left her best parasol out in the rain. It's bizarro."

Yep, I've long been intrigued by, but have been reluctant to try it out. Mostly it's that I'm too possessive about my books and it's hard for me to part with 'em. But of course, that's not the case with ALL the books I've acquired--there are certainly books I've read and been quite disappointed with, and feel confident I shall never revisit their pages again. But with those disappointing books, I always feel like I ought to try to dump those off with some used book store and recoup at least some of my wasted moolah . But all that said, I really AM attracted to the Book Crossing concept... connecting with random strangers via intinerent books... very neat. And the fact is, I usually don't revisit books, even the ones I like, and I HAVEN'T been schlepping any books to the used book stores, so why not give it a shot?? I thought I'd start out with "A House and its Head"--and if that yields any interesting results, I'll put some other books out there. None of the books that I ADORE, of course. .. but any reads ranging from horrid up to pretty good are fair game,I think. But anyways, at this point I'm just starting out, I created my account just this afternoon, and I've just registered that 1 book (getting the BC ID# & writing the initial review) I'm pondering where I should leave it...I might ask my coworkers for suggestions in tomorrow's daily email.

I just started reading Embers. I may keep you posted on whether I LOOOVE that one (or if I'm sending it off into the wild with a BC ID# label on it)...but no promises. Once season premieres kick off next week, I may just ditch this whole reading kick I've been on...

I saw on IMDB that cutie James Marsden turns 35 today. Which struck me as a major coinky-dink since I kinda watched 27 Dresses on my iPod last night. By "kinda" I mean I fast forwarded through all the bits with her boss & sister and just watched the cute parts with K-Heigl & Marsden. (Ohh..speaking of Heigl..she's now shooting a romantic comedy w/ Gerard Butler. I am rather stoked. I could so go for GB in a rom-com, and yes there was PS I Love You but I think I've previously mentioned that I can't watch that horse-tastic Hillary Swank in anything.)

I kinda wanna see this movie.

Okay...I shall post again soon. Hopefully I'll be able to yarf up something a bit more substantial..

Saturday, September 06, 2008

other miscellaneous oddments...

my kneepits are still scabby. They've healed somewhat. But they're still scabby. Ick.

I had a vague-ish hankerin' for a salty-type snack which morphed into a very specific craving for Cheez-its . Lemme ramble off on a side tangent for a spell: have there been empirical studies to determine whether Cheez-its or Cheese Nips are the superior cheezy snack cracker? I think I've pondered it aloud before (ok, wait...I KNOW I have) and the resounding concensus was that Cheez-its are a faaar finer product. But hearsay is hardly as gratifying as knowledge gleaned from a controlled scientific experiment! Am I right? Let's hit the lab-ORA-tory, amigos!!

Seriously, I would hasten to the lab right this moment if I had either Cheez-its OR Cheese Nips around, but sadly I DO NOT. Which is why I ended up trying to quell my cravings with Cheetos instead. Granted, it was the crunchy type of Cheetos, which I do prefer over the poofy style, but still, it was a piss poor substitute, man. Most dissatisfying.

In other promising "coming attractions" news --on the small-screen, this time: The Mentalist. I may just tune in to this one. Oh, I have very shallow reasons ( 'tis on account of that FINE Simon Baker) so I'm prone to tuning into the pilot and then forgetting about it entirely. So the thing better be f-ing GOOD in order to make it into the ranks of my must-watch shows. Speaking of my MUST WATCH elite...when is Heroes coming back again? I'm stoked for that...and I will be some miffed if I miss the season premiere.

Oh yeah--I missed the season 2 premiere of Top Design (not as big a deal as Heroes by any means.. though I did wanna catch it) That kinda pissed me off.

Speaking of Bravo... I'm all up to date on my Project Runway now. Stella Z was terrif for comic relief, but it was high time she got sent packing. She was the most one-note designer ever on PR. Makes me think she only made it on there because of her over-the-top, "Leathah-lovin'"persona. I gotta hand it to her though-- I thought she showed a very commendable sangfroid when she got booted. The same can NOT be said for that Weepy McBoo-frickity-Hoohoo from last week's show. UGH! Cowboy the fuck up, Keithy!

I'm very pleased that Leanne won 2 in a row. She is definitely emerging as a fave of mine. Also, I've been pretty impressed with most everything Jerrell has done (well, not so much his design in episode 8, but everything else) Kenley is beginning to really grate on my nerves. I don't really have any qualms about her designs, but she's been annoying as all hell lately. And Joe is too cocky. Poor Blayne has the entire comic-relief burden on his shoulders now that Stella's history. I'll be glad when that bitch Terri is gone. I wouldn't mind Suede being a finalist (it seems I'm now desensitized to his idiotic talking-about-himself- in-the-3rd-person habit. His new gimmick seems to be paying homage to a different dead relative in every damn ep) or Korto (she's a cool shit...she makes clothes I would actually wear...although I didn't think her seat belt coat was quite as big a deal as the judges made it out to be) Yep, I was just going thru portfolios on the Bravo site & I think that Leanne is my #1 fave.

Switching mediums--

books I've read lately--

I Know this Much is True-- a compelling & emotional read ...even if it did seem like it coulda been pared down a smidge. I mean, the book never dragged, really, but it was GI-FREAKEN'-NORMOUS. Lamb could've left some bits out here and there and it still would've been very comprehensive

The Accidental Tourist-- Charlene lent me this after spotting it on my "Must Read Books List" (posted a few weeks back) It was very good. I now am wanting to see the 1988 movie. I kinda wished the book delved into the Julian-Rose relationship more , but I see how that wouldn't have made sense, since the story is told from Macon's POV (so of course his sister's romance is going to be relegated to sub-plot status). So, ideally, Tyler would write a whole other book and do the story from Rose's POV. The Rose character had a lot of promise, I thought, so I think that book would be a good read. Unfortunately, it looks like Anne Tyler keeps churning out original novels pretty regularly (so it will remain unwritten)

Thus Adonis was Murdered-- It started out slow for me, but once it "grabbed me" I polished it off pretty quickly. It was very witty.

Now I'm reading Smilla's Sense of Snow. Jury's still out on this one... only on page 51 at this point. Will keep you posted (unless I actually come up with an idea for a decent post but uhh, don't hold yer breath, eh?)

Friday, September 05, 2008

movie blather

I was looking at the latest additions to the Worst Previews website and the 2 standouts are--

Management--I am so not a Jennifer Anniston fan. But her working with Steve Zahn might kinda win me over to her side. MAYBE. We shall see... It's weird-- she worked with Clive Owen (in Derailed) and that didn't render me a fact, it made me kinda HATE her. But that's because I love Clive in a more ardent, lustful way than I love Steve Zahn. Steve Zahn is just adorable and I'm glad to see him get a starring role--any starring role.

Passengers-- I do like Ann Hathaway. And I think Patrick Wilson is foxy in a fresh, understated kinda way. Looks interesting.

I also want to see Burn After Reading (I heart the Coen bros...although No Country For Old Men wasn't really my bag. It was decent, but lacking in that nutty Coens' humor that I so adore)

I kind of want to see The Women. Actually, ideally, what I'd wanna do is see the 1939 original (a flick I've always wanted to see, incidentally,but have never gotten around to it) and then see the new one--see if they did a-ok or if they committed total sacrilege.

Other cinematic blatherings--

Last weekend I went to a TRIPLE FEATURE at the drive-in. 3 movies for $7. I was thrilled!! And I brought snacks from home. When you factor that into the bargain equation, I couldn't afford not to have gone, ya see? I saw--

Space Chimps- ZZZzzzz...not seeing a lot of promotion for this animated feature (yes,it's in theaters now as a matter of fact)are ya? Probably that right there is the studio's admission that this is total dreck. My speaker was broken and I didn't even bother to relocate or turn on my car radio so's I could properly hear it--that's how much I gave a rat's ass. But you know, as faintly as I could hear it, I was able to pick out the voice talents of Patrick Warburton. D-list or no, that guy works his ever-lovin' TAIL OFF, does he not? Oh, he does--there's no debatin' it. His live action resume is not so staggering, but dude is the ubiquitous go-to guy for voicing any & all animated beefy meathead characters. I bet Warburton has GOGMAGOGICAL ASSLOADS of money. Niiice. In a waay off to the side note-- I miss that show "Less Than Perfect" Aside from that weird fuck Andy Dick and the totally mediocre Sherri Shepard, the cast was awesome. Hello--Eric Fucking Roberts!! Sara Rue is totally charming. Oh, and I rather liked that dude that played her b.f. Charlie for a season.

Pineapple Express-- Loved this movie. Seth Rogen is damned adorable & funny as hell. James Franco is fiiine & surprisingly funny as hell. But that said, it seemed to me that Danny McBride stole the damn show. The fight scenes with Red were the funniest scenes in the whole movie. Love how they called "time-out" HAA. In fact the movie mighta actually been wrecked for me if they'd opted to kill off Red. It was a good call-- letting him live (despite 5 or 6 gun shot wounds!! He's like 50 Cent!!)

Step Brothers-- This was good. I didn't like it quite as much as PE though. I love John C Reilly...dude is super talented and underrated. It's odd though-- I just saw this last weekend, and I do recall enjoying it....but... I only remember 1 part that I particularly liked. That was at the end (**SPOILER ALERT**) (NOT REALLY)when they got the boat in the tree given to them. And they popped their heads up w/ the pirate hats on and one of 'em sez ( I can't recall which one) "Hustlers!! How thoughtful!!" I think I liked that line best of really amused the hell outta me

Tonight I watched the movie Army of Darkness. It's tres cheeztastic, but I do adore Bruce Campbell. It kinda bums me out though how the dude has aged-well..uhhh..not so well. I watched a coupla episodes of USA's "Burn Notice" (which is doing fairly well in the ratings, but I don't really believe anyone is watching it. Oh..the lead dude in that is pretty appealing though)and he looks older than 50 yrs old, I hate to say. 50 is supposed to be the new 40,especially in H'wood I would think. I would think a 50 yr old *actor* is gonna wanna aim for mid to late 30s, really. Bruce looks 55. I still love him though. But that's just moi. I happen to be loyal like that.

The female lead in Army... is named Sheila. That mildly irked me. Not that I have any problems with that name. Well I do have 1 prob. Sort of an involuntary musical tic. Every time I hear "Sheila", I am powerfully compelled to sing "Oh! Oh, Sheeeila" --you know that song (year:1985, artist: Ready for the World) . So I can't say I don't have a problem with Sheila, but I certainly don't dislike the name. My gripe is that Army of Darkness is set in the Middle Ages and I feel pretty certain there were no Sheilas in that time period. Not that I've researched it or anything..just seems to me to be a much more modern name. I would guess that the earliest instances of "Sheila " date back to...ohhh...1850 at the earliest.

But I hath digressed mightily..Army of Darkness reminds me that I want to see Campbell in Bubba Ho Tep. I get the feeling I won't rent it, but one day I'll just see it in a store and--BLAMMO! -- one impulse buy later, it will be mine. Possibly the same thing will happen with The Fall... a movie I'd wanted to see but it never made it to theaters in my vicinity. It looks really interesting and different and I happen to dig Lee Pace. (Y'see "really interesting" & "different" aren't big enough enticements to me...generally I need to be smitten w/ the lead actor also) Weird thing about that flick (aside from the premise) it was just in theaters not too long ago & is coming to DVD this Tues Sept 9th, but IMDB gives it a 2006 release date. Well, there musta been some distribution snafu-- IMDB is never wrong.