Monday, June 30, 2008


One of my daily chores in my new job is mailing out doctors' orders. One of the docs I regularly mail to is a Dr Rosen. And it never fails to make me chuckle (as I stuff his envelope..and we are NOT speaking euphemistically here) that name... it will always remind me of this scene--

Speaking of jobs, I am cutting out early tomorrow for a job interview at DHMC. This one would be in Robin's dept. They had some openings they've been trying to fill for a while and in their weekly meeting her boss said to the group"If you know anyone who might be suitable get ahold of them, get their resume." R called me Friday afternoon (last Fri..when I was in York) Monday morning I got my updated resume to her. Had the interview scheduled by last Thurs. I had to get a few hours off but didn't let on what it was for. No one asked and I will NOT be volunteering that info. I feel so underhanded though.

I have mixed feelings about this whole thing...

One of the things that vexed me most about not getting the job in the pediatric dept (and being left to languish in don't-call-us-we'll-call-you limbo on that other DHMC gig I interviewed for) is that Robin seemed to get her radiology job with the greatest of ease. I know, I know, I'm petty. I'm a bad friend. No, hold up, I'm a HORRID friend because I kept thinking, "WTF Gives? I'm every bit as smart as Robin..." Even worse, really, "smart as" wasn't running through my head"smarter" is what I was really thinking. I didn't want to own up to what a mega-bitch I am, but I just can't lie to youse guys. Anyways, now Robin is being kind & sweet (that's just her's a wonder we're friends) and offering me a helping hand kind of rankles me in a way. I'm thinking... it's like table scraps. It's rubbing salt in my gaping pride-wound. And not table salt...granules being somewhere between margarita glass rim salt and the big chunky salt like the DPW scatters on the roads in January.

If I were to get a DHMC job, it would be really tough to quit my VNA job. I keep waiting for everyone to drop the super-nice act and shift into regular gear, but the super niceness persists. I keep getting people saying "You're doing such a great job!!" and emails with "We are so fortunate to have you!"

I wonder, if I were to get an offer from DHMC for a better paying job, if I could simply use it as a bargaining chip to get more money from the VNA. It might not be a bad thing to get a little tenure there. And I really do like my job. The $$$ factor is the only negative aspect.

Yet I'm undecided...if I just bargain for better $$ @ the current job, would that forever close the door on DHMC? I'd hate to do that.. Also, would getting a job--partly on Robin's recommendation-- and then turning it down--would that be a slap in the face to Robin??

Enough of this issue... I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself. If this interview goes anything like my last 4, it's a nonissue, really. I'm just going to look slammin' tomorrow and try to do a boff-socko job. Oh gosh, I just gave myself another movie flashback...

(Boffo-Socko Kermit)

Sorry I couldn't find a clip. Believe me, I tried!! The pic was hard enough to track down....
DAAANG! I had trouble doing bullet points. It mighta been easier to just think up some segues, try to transform that mess into a cohesive post...

quick trivial notes

I can’t be bothered with segues today. I’m posting on the sly. I think bullet points would suit…

*A food kick I’m on that I neglected to mention…toasted coconut marshmallows. At present I am polishing off the bag I’ve kept in my desk drawer for a week or so

*I’m wearing some gold bangles (set of 3) that I got at the Old Navy in Kittery. Even though I only really like the design on one of ‘em, I find that I am rather enjoying (for some odd reason) the tinkly-clangy sound they’re making as I move about today.

*I stayed up too late last night watching Places in the Heart. I find I am really dazzled by this Movies-on-Demand feature that my folks now get since switching to Comcast. I intend only to confess this to youse guys. If ever you heard my Dad gloat over a new toy (sooo tiresome) you’d know why I’m keeping my appreciation on the “D.L.” I had thought it was just Pay-per-view with the added magic of DVR technology, but was pleasantly surprised to see they offer up a slew of FREE movies. I love free stuff. I know it’s not uncommon to love free stuff but I mean it…I love free stuff more than anybody else does. As my Lucy would say, “I love it a lot and a lot and A LOT!” Ahh well, it’s considerably more adorable when she says it than when I type it. Anyways, I was already pleasantly surprised to find that lots of the On Demand flicks are gratis, but was extra SUPER pleasantly surprised to discover that there were lotsa good movies offered for free. I’ve got my eye on Flash Gordon (have been wanting to see that one for a while now. It’s one of only a couple notable entries in the Sam Jones filmography…the other being My Chaffeur a cheese-tacular fave of mine) but last night I was surprisingly NOT in the mood for camp. Instead, I was wanting to watch something heartwarming. If you’ve not seen Places in the Heart , I recommend it. It really hits the spot when you’re hankering for poignant, triumph-of-the-human-spirit type fare.

*Right now I’m reading Wilkie Collins’s “The Woman in White” It’s pretty good. Hey, it must be pretty good if it spawned a Broadway play and a movie (not in that order). Once I finish this up, I’m going have to see one or the other. As I see a play about once every 3 yrs (if that, sadly) then it’s apt to be the latter.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm also hooked on . ..

Archer Farms Multigrain Cereal. It's my current fave a.m. bowl-fillah. Good on its own and REEEAALLY delish with blueberries added.

candy kick...

I'm a bit obsessed with this stuff right now. I've yet to try the peach-mango, but the other 2 flavors are magnifico!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Y'know what I said a few posts back about the joys of a peeling sunburn?? Well, I should further specify that I am NOT too keen on such dermal shedding when it's goin' on on MY FACE. From afar, my face has this nice, sun-kissed hue (that goes well with my new darker hair...dyed it last Thursday night) but peering at it up close you can see my face has the same white crackle finish you see on the surface of A FROSTED FLAKE.

So York was lotsa fun. We stayed at the Anchorage, which was fine, aside from a sorta low, dingy-looking ceiling in our room. Oh, and no free breakfast. What kinda lousy hotel doesn't supply you with free breakfast?? But whatev.. there were 2 pools and the location was just ideal.

Here's a recommendation... when you're at Short Sands (by the way, I think this, my 9000th trip to York, is the one where I've at last correctly established in my brain which beach is Long Sands & which is Short Sands) have lunch at the pub at the Union Bluff Hotel. The food was delish and not overly pricey, plus you have a great view of Short Sands without being in the midst of all the hubbub. The dude one table over from us was an unbelievable douchebag, but probably the guy's not there all the time (has probably since returned home to MA) so I recommend the establishment most heartily.

Also scored a cheap (but cute!) souvenir hoodie and a foxy pair of flip flops (they're plaid).

Even though the a.m. weather was sorta questionable, Saturday wound up being pretty nice and we were able to get in about 3 hrs of beach QT. Then Saturday night we took a bus into Ogunquit. We all got drunk, but didn't synchronize it right, so everybody hit their peak buzz at different times. I was the poor schmoe to hit peak last. We'd gotten a taxi back to the Anchorage, Katrina was nodding off over her book, Laura was snuggled up with Sudoku, and I'm all "We're walking to the Union Bluff for a nightcap! Huh? C'mon! I could walk but we'll take the trolley if you guys want! Is the trolley still running? Let's go! C'mon guys! Helloooo?" Needless to say there was no afterparty at the U-Bluff. I had to settle for painting my toenails. Granted, I painted 'em a dazzlingly lovely green that I am quite smitten with now, but it was a less than thrilling endeavor at the time.

Katrina was rather mortifying in Ogunquit. She was freaked out by the ubiquitous homosexuality. It didn't bother me in the slightest, and though I found her attitude foolish and backward, I am usually content to leave people to their own (well-rooted) opinions. I don't consider myself some great opener of closed minds... no doubt this is due to my non-confrontational nature. What actually was mortifying was her LOUD vocalization of her views. I was actually relieved that my super high heels permitted me from keeping pace with L & K. I think even if I'd worn sensible shoes, I would have kept a good distance away from them (well, K anyways. My sister was fine)

I instigated Katrina by telling her my dream of bringing a gay guy into my posse of friends. I have all the makings of fabulosity, but a gay guy friend would be a big step toward fully attaining it (fabulosity, that is). I mentioned it just to instigate K, but I was half serious about it, really. I mean, it's really nice how they just compliment freely without the aid of gunpoint coercion. I mean, maybe praise that's so frequent is less apt to be sincere, but I suppose that's okay too. I certainly value sincerity, yet at the same time, I have never been one to turn up my nose at empty flattery.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Uber Glam

Tonight I had intended to write a li'l recap of my mini-vaca in York (super-abridged version: it was fun) but I got sidetracked so I'll hafta defer the details 'til the next episode. Specifically,I was sidetracked by this website, poring over the actresses' bio pages. How amazingly glamorous were these dames? So lovely..

Maybe I should take in some silent movies. I used to have Metropolis on VHS but it's been aaages since I've watched it....

Friday, June 20, 2008

my first half day

I'm getting out @ noon today. Going to York to spend the weekend here.
Ciao babies...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Culinary coup

I went to a party on Saturday and brought with me beer (of course!) and num-nums of my own cheffery..(that came out catch-a mah drift though, eh??) I made “Cheesy Party Pinwheels” and Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. Everything came out maaaahvelously.
I didn’t know how much rhubarb to buy to yield the 3cups required by my recipe (same w/ the strawberries) so I ended up over-buying on both strawberries & rhubarb and so I made a strawberry rhubarb pie on Sunday. That came out pretty well (although the crumble was better).

Monday, June 16, 2008

My week old sunburn is now peeling. I'm going to be a bit gross and quite bizarro (but totally honest) by confessing that I enjoy post sunburn molting. I don't know why. Why do I like harvesting dryer lint off the screen from the dryer? I've no clue why but I sure as hell do. It goes into that "Inexplicably Gratifying" file with bubble wrap and Right Said Fred.

Sunburn peeling is just like in grade school when you used to slather Elmer's white glue on your hand just to peel it off ..except, y'know, with more risk of skin cancer. Aww, c'mon, don't tell me I'm the only one to have done the Elmer's glue thing??

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I find I am rather vexed. When I called Monday a.m. about my paycheck crisis, the payroll dude (and he did, in fact, sounded like a “dude” and far too young to be in charge of doling out the moolah!!) asked me: “Do you want the new check mailed to your house or do you want me to send it to the office via courier??” And I said “Oh please send it to the office w/ the courier” which, I know he heard properly, because he answered my answer with “Ok, I’ll send it by courier”
Now, I’ve waited patiently, taking into consideration that they do use ADP and aren’t, I don’t suppose, printing out checks in the basement. This a.m. I thought a li’l bit of follow up was in order and I emailed payroll dude: “just wondering…might that check re-issue show up with today’s courier? Again, thanks SO much for your help with this!” (that was my email verbatim ) And I very quickly get the reply: “It was sent in the mail on Monday. You should hopefully get it today at your home.”

I reiterate: GRRRRrrrr!

Good news is -- once I get the mail today I should be back in black. Well, back in blackish...

Monday, June 09, 2008

highlights of this past fin de semana

Well, first off, I lost my paycheck on Friday. Perhaps I shouldn't mention that under the "weekend highlights" heading, but it was certainly a memorable part of my weekend. Aforesaid paycheck was handed to me on Thursday and I looked at it and said to meself "Wooah..this is a CHECK, not just a stub. Gotta put this where I won't lose it" I did put in for Direct Deposit, mind you, but that apparently doesn't kick in until pay cycle dos. Anyways, resolving to oneself "I'm going to put this somewheres where I shan't lose it" virtually guarantees that you're gonna lose the mo' fo. I shoulda never thought that thought. But it didn't then occur to me that I'd just jinxed my ass and I remember slipping the check into the front pocket of my purse. If I had gone to cash it that afternoon I probably woulda been golden (grahams) , but no, I held off until Friday. Then Fri, as soon as I got outta work, I headed right to my bank. It wasn’t until I had my purse hoisted up on the “prep island” in the bank lobby that I realized my check was MIA. I ransacked my purse 3 times (twice right there in the lobby, which was rather embarrassing) , searched my car and then I even went back to work to see if it was under my desk (in the area where I stow my purse). NO DICE. I had to call payroll this a.m. to get a stop-payment & reissue.
Saturday… what does one do with their weekend when they are virtually penniless?? Well, on Sat, I went to my parents’ house and I’d intended to lay outside, catch some rays, read my book, and listen to my iPod (this is the book I’m currently reading) but my dad’s Saturday plan was to mow the lawn and I woulda felt mucho guilt if I lay like a sun-absorbing lump and read while my 70 yr old father mowed the lawn. So, I mowed the lawn and after a bit, my parents headed out shopping. This was good, because it’s my opinion that the most strenuous part of mowing does not stem from the physical exertion or blazing heat but rather from my father inspecting the job I do as I do it and pointing out where I f*cked up. So I gave them a list of stuff to get at the store and when they returned with my requested ingredients, I left off mowing for cooking (waay more my forte) and for dinner I improvised a veggie rotini creamy garlic pasta that was MAGNIFICO. I especially impressed myself since I had no recipe and totally adlibbed it. I know I’m being immodestly self-congratulatory about it, but I gotta be. Chances are, I’ll never be able to successfully duplicate it. Gotta pat myself on the back now or never, y’know??
Sunday I went to Lake Sunapee with Laura and ¾ of the muffins (Chloe opted to hang out with my parents instead) I had a nice day (got in that reading and vegetating that I’d been after the day before) other than this awful sunburn I got on my legs. I was not completely irresponsible, I should mention. I actually put 30 spf spray sunscreen on the moment we got there . However, I rolled up my to-the-knee length shorts (Bermuda length? Would those be “Bermuda shorts”? I’m not sure…) when I waded into the water and then I didn’t roll ‘em back down when I went back to lounging in the sun. So my sunburn is contained to just the top of my thigh, but ‘tis a nasty one just the same.

Everybody in the office has been grousing about this hot weather, but I rather like it. I don’t look like I’d be a fan of hot weather, but I actually am. I mean, I don’t even think it hot enough for swimming until we get into high 80s territory..but then on those days, how totally blissful is a swim (I say “swim” but it’s not like I swim laps or anything. I’m more apt to float on my back like…ohhh… I dunno... an otter, maybe? I think otters do that…when they’re not rehearsing with their jug bands, that is) I don’t think we get nearly enough of that full-on summery summer weather in VT.

bizarro news item

She truly IS a Wonder Woman!! I wonder if they used her legendary lasso for corpse-hoisting??

Friday, June 06, 2008


I left out one very rad purchase. I am bringing my lunch to work regularly now (I now only have 30 minutes--did I tell you that? I'm still adjusting to that--ehh. Anyways... with only 30 min if you drive very far to procure eats, with the traffic we get here on 12A, you've hardly got anytime to eat 'em by the time you get back here) anyways I have this cute cooler that I found at Target last month, but I wanted a little variety in my lunch transport receptacles, so I bought me this li'l beauty

Thursday, June 05, 2008

News of the Banal & Superficial Variety..

Oh yes, I’m going to regale you with last night’s shopping exploits. If you don’t have a hat to hold on to, get ahold of your socks lest they be knocked off. If perchance, you are going hatless and shoeless today, then you should be just fine…

My first stop was Newbury Comics . I used to get the Newbury Comics newsletter emailed to my work email (@ the old job) but now I am not getting the newsletter, and I don’t miss the coupons or anything or all the yammerin’ about new releases but I miss knowing about what's up for grabs in the way of free pint glasses. Now THAT is a nuisance--- to have to actually ask. Anyways, at Newbury I almost bought this funny gift box, but ultimately decided that $5 was too much for me to shill out for a novelty gift box. Although it still does amuse me. I probably woulda bought it had it not been for the fact that I had an armload of frivolous purchases and somethin' had to be cut. I ended up buying bobby pins with cute li'l animal embellishments, and the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's (decided it's nuts that I don't own that already) and Volume 5 of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K to geeks in the know)

After that, I strolled over to TJ Maxx. Laura had told me they were undergoing renovations but WOOOOAH doggy!! I was mucho impressed-o! I hadn't realized that my local TJ Maxx was such a wretched dump until it got a fabulous makeover. I guess I just loved her too much to take note of her flaws. Yes, TJ Maxx is a girl . You didn't know that? The TJ stands for Theresa Jane. EVERYBODY knows that, fool...

One of TJ's myriad improvements is a totally rennovated dressing room. In the dressing room, the hall has mirrors all the way down it, yet the individual stalls don't have mirrors in them at all. At first I thought-- well that sucks: you have to come out and twirl& parade in front of all the other shopping schlubs... On the other hand, there are a few advantages to that set-up. I mean, sometimes you'll try on something and you know it looks horrid, you can just feel it clinging to your person in an unbecoming manner. So in these instances, you don't really need to check yourself out in a mirror to know that you're not going to be buying that blouse/sweater/whatev. You might not really want to check yourself out in the mirror, for that matter...

Also, the mirrorless stalls eliminate those shocking moments of "BWWAAAGH!" when you're standing, pantless, and fussing over getting an item back onto the hanger just so and you chance to glimpse your ass in the mirror. ..

I find myself wanting to procure some aviator shades. (pardon my utter lack of segue, kids) I've been on a bit of a sunglasses-purchasing binge since getting contacts, but of the 4 pairs I have (4 pairs is not waaay excessive, right??) I don't have any aviator style. And that style is kinda cool and badass and although they usually don't look very good on me, there was a gold pair at TJ that actually looked pretty fly. But they had a bent bow, so I couldn't bring myself to buy 'em. Heeeyy..just found that I could order aviators off this site for a meager $250. Jinkies, it's a bit kooky to pay $250 for shades but it's UTTER MADNESS to pay that much and order 'em online where you can't even try them on first!! What I did buy was some clothes for work-- a green jacket (only $7 on clearance) a brown shirt and a black& white striped tee (which, paired with a cape & hamburger motif necktie, would achieve an exquisite look methinks ...)also these shoes. I was admiring their wondrous variety of flip-flops because..OH how I love flip flops.. but I bought the wedges instead, because I've been wanting, lately, to amass shoes w/ some heel height. I just had this epiphany where I realized. . . I'm (*$#%ing short. Plus, heels make your calves look foxy if you are wearing a skirt or capris. And I've been wanting to kinda dress up for work lately (it's a new job...I'm sure that impulse will fade away any day now) So that's been my purchasing kick these days: buying heels and/or dresses.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Only a month until the 4th of July!! It occurred to me this a.m. when I was date-stamping some papers (stamping incoming doc orders is one of the menial, mindless tasks of the new gig and I am finding it oddly gratifying) and it made me do an internal happy jig (as I absolutely LOVE the 4th) and also resolve that my July 4 weekend this year be ultra-festive and activity-packed...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Father's Day shopping

About 4 this afternoon there was sort of a lull in activity and (*miraculously*) nobody hovering about my desk, and so I hazarded a little online shopping.

I had spotted this in a tacky catalog that my folks get in the mail and decided it was a MUST for mi padre. He has this very gruff way of talking to waitstaff...well, I should specify, he is gruff with almost all waitstaff/ food service people with the exception of when he goes out to a sit-down family-style restaurant when there's a tip-grubbin' waitress who is sickeningly flirty. That subdues his usual gruffness. And I should also add, in his defense, I don't know if he realizes how crab-ass and brusque he comes off. I don't think it's a deliberate thing.

Anyways, when requesting his senior discount at a restaurant (oftentimes, KFC is the eatery in this scenario) my father in this heady thrill of entitlement, seems to think that he doesn't need to ask for this using an entire sentence. The exchange invariably goes somethin' like:

DAD: Yeah, could I please get a small coffee, a chicken pot pie, a number 4 and a small Pepsi .
FAST FOOD FLUNKY: Ok, that's one small coffee, a chicken pot pie, a number 4 and a small Pepsi. Will there be anything else??
DAD: No that's it {small pause} SENIOR, PLEASE.
FFF: I'm sorry, sir? What?

Alright, so it's not the most fascinating bit o' dialogue, and probably not worth the digital exertion of typing it out. But really, I assure y'all, when you witness that, delivered by my father (in full gruff restaurant persona) it is truly wince-inducing. My transcript doesn't do it justice.

So I have ordered him that hat. I am hoping it will become his custom to order and then just point at his head-garb...which is rude, but still a slight improvement.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

DIY high hopes

This is my dream gazebo. The ones you generally see are all prefab and waaay lattice worky and, well, I don't hate 'em but I find them blah and mediocre.
THIS is (ideally) what I'd like to construct at the parental casa (idyllic lake view not included). Although , for yours truly, even a 'zebo of the latticey mediocre variety would be an ambitious undertaking ...