Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to meeeeee

...and John Keats, and Dan Rather, and one of the Beastie Boys (not my favorite one, but still, Beastie Boys are AWESOME) and Vanilla Ice. Bonus-- I am the youngest of this birthday crew (unless you consider Keats to still be 25 yrs old as he was when he died in 1821)

So yeah, happy damn b-day to me. I'm still rather vexed by that figure--the big 3-0-- but it is undoubtedly better than the alternative (that'd be the dreaded dirt nap)

I wore my costume to work today. I am oscillating between congratulating myself on my bravado and, at other times, feeling like a massive tool. As a...uhhh...vampiress cryptkeeper, I guess is what I am... I have this long black wig on. It keeps getting in my face and getting caught on stuff. I must keep brushing it aside in a very Cher -like fashion. Going to the bathroom, incidentally, was no easy feat.

RIP Goulet

I was very sad to read this a.m. that Robert Gooouleeeeeet had passed awaaaaaaaay while he was awaiting a lung transplant.

Ok to be totally honest, I wasn't a fan of Goulet's music, though I did like his recent Emerald Nuts commercials. What I really fell in love with was the Will Ferrell version of Bob Goulet. This here is some of the funniest funny shit ever (100X better than his Neil Diamond schtick, by the way)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heroes last night..

HOLY HELL, HRG!! I do like you when you're a badass (like when you nearly broke the hand of that snotty manager at your fake job-- that was terrif) but that was excessively harsh!!

When HRG blew away his ex-mentor I did a double take--an actual, physical double take(blink & a head shake). Had I been enjoying a beverage at that moment, I mighta even done a spit take. Nothing says "Thanks but no thanks on that job offer" like a bullet to the head, right? I hope they're not taking HRG back into evil bastard territory. I only started liking him mid season 1. But after "Company Man" (I think that was the episode) I was very pro-HRG. If they are making him evil again, I don't think I'll be able to withstand the emotional roller coaster ride (j/k---I AM aware it is just a show). Claire is starting to lose trust in HRG again, and if he keeps on this course it should be easy enough for West to drive a fat ol' wedge in that daddy-daughter relationship. HRG has seemingly concluded that Clare having a boyfriend would mean his DEATH, but I don't think that painting necessarily says that. It only establishes that after he's killed, Claire & some dude will be making out in some shady corner near his dead body. There *may* not be a cause-effect relationship there. Claire could be : a) oblivious to dead HRG and getting her innocent smooch on OR b) terribly sad about her dead father, needing consolation via ... getting her smooch on. HOWEVER, with Claire starting to distrust her Dad , AND West having the traumatic past encounter with HRG (and he is due to identify Mr Bennett as the nefarious HRG of his bad memories in next week's eppy) I think the show is trying to insinuate that that kiss is: c) a "Yaaay--we killed HRG" celebratory kiss.

Who knows. I'm still in HRG's corner...a little less vociferously after his recent COLDHEARTED behavior. If he keeps this up, I intend to downgrade that to "tenatively in his corner".

As for other storylines... my sister really likes this Caitlin dame that Peter is "palling" around with this season. I think she's 10X better than (ick!) Simone, but still awfully dull. I think I'd rather see sweetPete hook up with Elle (Kristen Bell's character) instead. Ok YEAH, she killed his friend (hey, they weren't best friends by any means) and is considerably more on the "evil" side of the spectrum than Peter, but that would make for some compelling relationship drama, no? An intriguing juxtaposition of naughty & nice?

I'm pretty bored with Hiro's lame-ass exploits in 17th century Japan. Oy! That whole snoozefest had better tie in to the central storyline REAL soon. I think that the Kensei character has potential though. It's his banner's symbol that's been scrawled on all the faces in that old photo right? So could he be picking them off? If he can't be killed, I guess it's not a *huge* leap to conjecture that he makes it to the 21st century... They want (they=the writers) us to believe that Parkman's dad is the culprit there, but I don't buy it.

And the only interesting thing about Senora Inkyeyeballs and her twin bro is that they're carting Sylar back into the U.S. I find the brother is marginally more likeable now that Senora has exhibited her other super powers (aside from the killing people one) -- INCREDIBLE naivete and HORRIBLE instincts about people.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I am super sleepy today ..(apparently this is a dull new blog motif w/ me) ...I didn't get all that much sleep this weekend and then last night I stayed up late watching Game 4 of the series. In true dabbler fashion, I didn't watch it from the very start, tuning in at about the start of inning 6. But I did watch it 'til the end...saw Kielty's homerun and even more impressive, Ellsbury slamming into the wall to catch what would've surely been a homer. was a good game. I'm never as interested in these things when one of the teams has a giant lead. Right up until the end, it seemed like it coulda gone either way. But of course, I'm glad it went the way it ultimately did. I wore my Sox hoodie in celebratory homage today. If I were a full-fledged fan, I suppose I would've painted on my car or something...isn't that what those people do? I mean, if I really break down my happy feeling, it's 40% me being happy for the boys and 60% glad that House won't be preempted for a Game 6.

I can't believe that I retained any grogginess after stepping foot outside today!! I definitely was NOT ready for 26 degrees! I wore g-damn MITTENS this morning!! Frost on my pumpkins, indeed!!

Speaking of pumpkins, I have been doing a bit of carving lately. I carved one last Wed night for Sadie (a monster trick or treating on one side/ her name surrounded by polka dots on the other) . Then Sat night I went to a pumpkin carving fete at Lisa's and carved a ghoul jack-o-lantern (learned that a lino tool is a great implement for pumpkin artistry) and last night I carved a bear jackolantern. Other good things I did this weekend: surprised mi amiga Jill for her b-day Fri night, gorged on apple waffles de Billiam, lunched with Celina & Jill on French onion soup that had rather too much bread in it (lunch was otherwise terrif), picked up my Aunt Laurel on my way southward on I89 and brought her to Lucy's birthday party (she turned 3 on the 25th) grazed and watched Lucy-booey open presents and then off to aforementioned carving fete at Lisa's ....where I further gorged on Pepsi, 'ghetti & meatballs & apple crisp. Shit, I ate a lot this weekend. So , that part was not so good. But everything else was maaaahvelous. If only I had a day off for some recouperative slumber...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

wake up..a-li'l Snoozie , wake up!!

I had the hardest time dragging my arse outta bed this a.m. I'm sure it doesn't help that I set my alarm for 7:10 with the intent of getting up at 7:40 am, fully intending to avail myself of that snooze button. Rationally, I see how the snooze button is a foolish innovation but I can't quit it. I'm a snooze junkie. As solo inhabitant of my apartment/bed, I guess snooze overuse is my damned prerogative (lame consolation prize though it is).

I am SOOO not a morning person. I swear 8 days outta 10 the first word out of my mouth is "Fuuuuuuuuck!"

I had a dream this morning where I was approached by a peacock as I walked out to my car to go to work. ("approached" makes it sound like he was trying to sell me magazines or something. This was not the case.) It was a seriously fucked up peacock though, all bruised & bedraggled as if he'd been hit by a car. And he's staggering toward me. My conscious mind broke in here and commented "Maybe he wants you to take him to the vet". But DreamSandra, true to my actual anti-bird sensibilities, leapt up on to the top of my car to avoid the wounded bastard. Yeah, I especially didn't trust him because he was wounded. DreamSandra has nary a scrap of mercy, apparently. But them I'm on top of my car and think "Shit, I can't stay up here. I've got to get to work!" So I jump down and shoo the bird away and then head off to work. That's it. I know, I know. Sort of an anticlimatic dream. There's this tense stand off, fraught with all sorts of dramatic/narrative possibilities and then it all resolves so quickly & banally. But this dream hit me after I'd hit the snooze button (for the first or second time? I can't recall...) so I had time constraints to deal with here!! But just you imagine if I'd had all night to dream this dream!! We mighta wound up with some epic human-avian battle!! Something akin to...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

newly acquired tuneage

songs I bought / burned to CD this weekend...

1. Radio Nowhere [Bruce Springsteen]- I really dig this song. It surprises me that I like a *new* Springsteen song, though. I had thought he'd lost me for good in the mid '90s when he was doing sappy soundtrack contributions (see:Philadelphia , Jerry Maguire ) But perhaps not. This is the Bruce I like.

2. Lazy Eye [Silversun Pickups]- I'd heard this song on the radio and became quite smitten with it, but had the damnedest time tracking down the song name & artist. I had never heard of the Silversun Pickups (don't think many people have..)

3.When Did your Heart go Missing? [Rooney] This is a recent song, but something about it makes me want to sport Reebok Freestyles with very bulky neon-hued socks and then dance like I'm in Wham's Wake Me Up Before you Go-go vid.

4.An End has a Start[Editors]-- poppy moody neuvo new wave. Nice.

5.LDN [Lily Allen]-- I felt predisposed to like Lily Allen ...on account of her cute Britishness (as opposed to a SCARY Brit a la snaggletooth Amy Winehouse) and even cuter wardrobe. But then I heard this song and thought--you guessed it--"really cute!" I especially like the horns. Evokes Culture Clubs "I'll Tumble 4Ya" but maybe it's just me...I seem to presently be of a mindset to assess all music in 80s pop context.

6.Umbrella [Rihanna]-- Rihanna is also immensely adorable. (So there-- not all young celebrichicks are scary and/or disgusting trainwrecks. Have faith..) I dig this song, even if I did resist it a bit at first. Luckily, I don't own any umbrellas, and generally choose not to use them (just one more thing to schlep around, and I actually like the rain) because I suspect repeated listenings to this song may permanently alter the way I say "umbrella. ella. ella. aye.aye. aye..."

7. Give it To Me [Timbaland/Nelly Furtado/Justin Timberlake] I don't know whose song this is exactly...they all have pretty equal mic time. I think I downloaded off Timbaland's album...

8.Stronger [Kanye West]- I love this song. I didn't want to (I don't want to enable Kanye's attitude problem) but I couldn't help it.

9.How We Operate [Gomez]-- Great beginning of the song (that's a banjo!! I've jammed along to Rainbow Connection enough times to know a banjo when I hear it! BRAVO for rockin' the sadly underutilized banjo, senors Gomez!!) and then when it picks up the pace it is just killer, but it gets a smidge draggy toward the end.

10.1234 [Feist]-- In a cute-off, Feist ANNIHILATES both Rihanna & Lily Allen with this song. I so love this song. The only possible competition (in aforementioned hypothetical cute-off) would be (reaching 30+yrs into the past) Melanie with Brand New Key (ok..good... seems I'm breaking out of that strict 1980s musical frame of ref.)

11.Keep on Lovin' You [REO Speedwagon]-- I'm certainly not the REO Speedwagon nut that my sister is. But this, I do concur, is one of the best sing-alongs ever. And it gets bonus cheez points for being prominently featured in Drive Me Crazy. And there is a rattlesnake sound effect hid in there...I had never noticed that before. How did I miss that??

12. Such Great Heights [Postal Service]

13.Chasing Cars [Snow Patrol]-- the fact that these fellahs are Irish and when, not singing, speak with delightful Irish accents.... that just makes the whole emotional earnestness thing they 've got goin' here oh so much more endearing.

14.I'm On Fire [Bruce Springsteen]-- best Boss song EVER (sez me)!!!

15. Wake Up Call [Maroon 5]

16.Ayo Technology [50 Cent & co.] I really like this one. Y'know.. I find myself wanting Fiddy to bring back that mad catchy "Go-- go-- go SHAWTY Ish yo birfday" in one/some of his new songs. But I don't suppose that will ever happen...WAH.

17. The Way I Are [Timbaland]-- initially I was a li'l peeved at Timbaland for propagating substandard grammar, but after I got past that, I found that I rather enjoy this song.

mean bastard monkeys

From time to time, I find a news item so compelling, I will read it aloud to the office. THIS bit o' international news is one such item.
I only hope that a good amount of those stupid seagull-feeding bastards (that vex me so) will read this news story and make the f***ing connection. . . .

Monday, October 22, 2007

baaaaad girl

Jinkies! I knew I'd been a-slackin' but didn't really realize how SERIOUSLY derelict in my blogging duties I'd been ('til I logged in just now). I'd beg yous to forgive me but... LOVE means never having to say you're sorry, right??
As is my custom, my first post following a mini-drought is going to be short-ish (and lame-ish) as I regain my momentum. So I will use this space/ time to tie up some loose ends left a-dangling from posts past. Ones that you didn't know were dangling because you weren't all that interested in the first place. Stupid, I know. But in the interests of finishing what I started...
My Cosmo bachelor of the year vote--- I whittled the list down to 3 and then decided to NOT decide. I voted for all 3... I used my work email to vote for Connecticut , my home email to vote for Idaho , and my dad's email address to vote for South Dakota.

Halloween costume-- I have resigned to be a .. .um, I don't exactly know what to call what I'm dressing up as. It's sort of like the love child of a zombie-mummy and a vampire. I bought a long black straight wig and a black& white make up kit. Also picked up a black rose because I thought I would like having a prop. And I bought a bunch of cheesecloth, with the intent of making some kinda shroud (I was inspired by the below pic from Martha Stewart mag's Halloween edition)
speaking of Martha Stewart's fine periodical, I was a smidge disappointed in her Halloween edition. I recognized content from years past. I didn't realize it was a "best of" kinda compilation thing, but I'm sure it was intentional. But still...pretty shoddy, Maaaahtha.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

office banter topics dujour

I don't know why I don't have IM screen caps to post anymore. I guess we have really foregone IMs in favor of hollering these days. It's just as well though, since 90% those images wouldn't expand to readable size when clicked on anyways (such a pain in the ass!!).

But anyways, here's what you've missed out on today--

**Just 5 min ago I was asking for an opinion--does 4pages/ 87 items of an Amazon wish list make me a GREEDY person?? The jury is still out on this issue, but we collectively decided that total $$ is a factor to consider, as are one's wish list compiling intentions....are you clicking everything that you like just as a means of bookmarking it or have you serious intentions of acquiring all list items??

**We were talking Englebert Humperdinck (I can't recall WHY) and Lisa said "You know his name is really Gerry Dorsey" and I said "NO, it's Arnold Dorsey" and this developed into an argument that escalated into a bet. Well, we found (check here, if you wanna brush up on your E-Hump facts) that in 1936 he was born Arnold George Dorsey, and when he began singing professionally at age 17 he took the stage name Gerry Dorsey. Lisa says this means we're both right, and she doesn't lose the bet. But I say that I am righter and I win. He's not really Gerry Dorsey as she said...his g.d. birth certificate says ARNOLD. Gerry was just a rough draft pseudonym. Maybe I'm "splitting hairs" here but-- eh, no, no I'm not. I'm righter.

**We frequently deal with this purchasing dude who has the last name "Ripple" and today he made this total bonehead mistake. This inspired me to say, "Maybe he's been hitting the RIPPLE too hard" But nobody got the joke. And then I second guessed myself. .. I felt almost positive that "ripple" -- aside from being a yummy flavor of ice cream (namely--Fudge Ripple, not my fave, but DAMN tasty) was a type of booze. So I hit that mecca of knowledge Wikipedia and found this (ripple was a type of "fortified wine" no longer sold--I'll just throw that in here in case you're sick & tired of following my links all over everywhere ). I further discovered exactly why I had this definition of the word ripple resonating in my noggin-- it was a favorite quaff of Fred Sanford on Sanford & Son.

In other H-ween news...

.... I have no idea what to dress up as for Halloween. YESSSS, I am on the cusp of turning

7Q-65=145 years old (solve for Q...I cannot bear to type the actual #. It distresses me so!!) and I still dress up for Halloween. But I don't know what to be this year. Maybe as a nod to my turning 7Q-65=145 , I oughtta dress up as an old biddy. Or (totally ignoring the milestone bday ) I could dress up as somebody from a board game. Y'know, Lollipop Princess from Candyland...Mrs Peacock from Clue. A Clue costume would be rad. Granted, no one would know who the hell I was, but I would be amused by it.

Incidentally, did y'all know that Clue was dreamt up in the UK and it then (and still is in the UK) was called Cluedo ?? WHAAA? Is that even a word?

Speaking of Clue / Cluedo I just added the 60s vintage Clue (that edition that I always gaze at longingly when in the Target toy section) to my Amazon wish list (it's an opportune time, 11 days before my b-day to repost a link; it has grown a bit since I last linked to it) . Oh, speaking of wish list fodder, this Sat I was mentioning to my Aunt Lorraine my sudden, arbitrary fixation on Dark Shadows , and she went off about how she used to be SOOOO addicted to that show. She used to "race home from work" (her words) to catch it everyday. She more or less confirmed that I'm not obsessing in vain here.

spooktacular screensaver!!!BoooWWAAHA HAA!

These are the pics I have in my screensaver slideshow (special for the H'ween season)

This werewolf one is my desktop pic

Thursday, October 11, 2007

oddball compliments

Last night I went over to my Aunt 'Rainey's house for dinner. MAAAAN, if I put on a meal like she does I would have to start cooking 2 or 3days in advance!! There was turkey, stuffing, rolls, mashed taters, gravy, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry pie a la mode. Now, I realize that Canadian Thanksgiving was on Monday but this was not in belated celebration of that. No special occasion whatsoever, just your average ginormous Hump Day feast. Against my better judgement...I ate like Mr Creosote.

Another dinner guest there was my Aunt Lorraine's friend/neighbor Dora. She is this spry old lady, very sweet, who has been sort of adopted as an honorary family member. She generally laughs at all my jokes, and really that is all I require in any dinner companion.

So just before dinner last night, Dora remarks to me "I like your teeth" to which I actually responded "Come again?" And she says "Your teeth. You have such pretty teeth." How odd. It wouldn't be the most bizarre-o of compliments, except for the fact that I know my teeth are not great and certainly not "pretty". I mean, I do think there's a lot of truth to the old saying "You're your own worst critic" but in this case I am being perfectly objective and factual in reporting that my teeth are UNpretty. I accepted pretty gracefully (I wisely suppressed my immediate reflex-- to contradict her) and just said "Mmm. Thanks."
Like I said, Dora is a very sweet lady. That being so, she really doesn't seem the type to pass around phony compliments. I concluded that either she just has a very broad notion of "pretty" or the poor woman is getting cataracts...

Boy Crrrrrrazy

Reading over my offerings from yesterday....both posts striking me as SUPER obnoxious today. I really was all-consumed with doing all research needed to make an informed vote. Now that my homework is done, my total consumption has been downgraded to idle contemplation. I still intend to vote...not sure for whom, but I expect to have some epiphany or have it come to me in a dream perhaps.

Speaking of dreams, I had very strange elaborate dreams last night...this long series of disjointed vignettes. Incredibly no cameo appearances from any Cosmo bachelors whatsoever...

27 Dresses

Just watched this recently released trailer. I do enjoy romantic comedies, but generally I defer seeing 'em until they're available for rental, but I just may seek this one out in the theater. Being somewhat of a semi-pro bridesmaid myself, this one may resonate more with me than the standard rom-com fluff would. Plus, I also enjoy James Marsden (as I believe I've mentioned) and dude doesn't get enough work. Maybe that's his choice, I dunno (wants time at home w/ the Mrs. & the kiddies, maybe) but I do feel compelled to support what sporadic motion pictures he does appear in.

I noticed that they styled him much foxier than they did for this November's Enchanted. . .

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bachelor Battle UPDATE

OK, so I've watched all the available videos and, as predicted, it did alter my list. First of all, I was appalled that only 22 out of 50 bachelors submitted a video. That's less than half! (See I can do math, Winnie Cooper!!) It is almost always a good idea to submit a video. It helps a contender gain a stronger "foothold" in the voter's brain.. . . so to speak.

Now for Mr MI (on my list) it might have benefitted him not to do a video. His production values were so shoddy I almost crossed him off my frontrunner roster. His saving grace?? That he babysits his niece & nephew (so do I!! Neat!!) And sure, I do realize he was shamelessly exploiting that fact, but I think his choice of ploy shows actual insight on his part. Ummm, unlike the umpteen sports montages & perpetual flexing found in some of the other vids (I thought Mr Montana's was--hands down-- the worst. Sure there were others sorely lacking in stage presence (ie:FL) and/or terrible production values (MI,TX & more), but MT proferred the only video that I found downright ANNOYING)

Mr NY does not even appear to be the same dude in the Mr NY profile photo. He is considerably more handsome in his video. And yet, this did not win him a place on my list...because he is still a smarmy stock trader. I appreciate the nod to National Lampoon's Vacation, though, guy.

Mr MA won personality points with his funny video, but the fact remains that he looks like Jason Biggs-gone-gym-junkie. And this is the COSMO BACHELOR OF THE YEAR prize (a big 10 thou at stake, baby) so I gotsta vote for the "whole package"

Mr CT moved up on my top contenders list. He seemed like a very likable guy. He was much more clever about playing that " good with kids" (& borrowing from "The Landlord" short, methinks) angle.

KS /DE/ SC -- all -like NY-- got more "aesthetics" points with me (foxier in action than in their photo) but all seemed to be jackasses so, NO they did not make the list.

But I said the list changed , and indeed it did. I ousted VA from the list and replaced him with NE (also foxier in vid than in pic).

Ultimately, I'm still undecided about my vote. CT is looking good but also I am especially fixated on SD. He is not ,like, off the charts hot, but he's cute in a kinda unique way & has one sultry stare in his photo. And then his video really got me... the whole sandwich slapping bit. I like a guy not afraid to make an arse out of himself. Oh, which reminds me, Mr RI also charmed me with his vid, the pipe , the phrase "Magna Sum AWESOME" the fact that he said he's reading a book on Teddy Roosevelt (whether he is or not) , so he moved up on the list too, although SD & CT have the edge over him (because they're cuter).

So on the one hand I'm inclined to proclaim SD & CT to be the front-most of the frontrunners, but then on the other hand, I'm thinking, is it cool to penalize AZ, ID, NM,OH, & WA just because they didn't submit videos??? Since I'm not overly concerned with treating CO, LA, OR, TN, or IL unfairly I guess that makes the revised front runners list--

I will let youse guys know what I vote when I do vote....if I can ever make up my mind.

the BIG Debate

Heather and I had been conferring the past 1 or 2 months on the Today Show wedding, discussing the options for dress, rings, cakes,etc. and voting faithfully. Well, those big nuptials transpired on Oct 5 and Heather and I had this noticeable votable issues void ever since Friday. Quite serendipitously I happened to catch the tail end of Entertainment Tonight (or was it Extra?) and they were yakkin' about the 2007 Cosmo Hottest Bachelor Search. Where a presumably "hot" single fellah is submitted from every state--1per state--and the public **votes** on which fellah gets the illustrious "Bachelor of the Year " title. Oh, and $10,000. Really, Cosmo? $10,000? I mean, 10k is nothing to sneeze at (I'd sure as hell take it) but you guys can't do any better? Circulation down??

Anyways, early this a.m. I alerted Robin and Heather to this competition and urged them to check out candidates along with me HERE. It looks like (from my quick peek at the archives) that previous years' crops were better but even so, I cannot make up my mind. The following is my preliminary list of faves-- it's a fairly giant list, and I obviously need to weed out some bachelors. I mean, I've not yet read the voting rules, but I assume you can only vote once. Anyways, as I IMed to Robin :" this is like grocery shopping when you're hungry!!! And I happen to be STAAAAARVIN'!!" Further substantiating my metaphor, cute newlywed Heather has proven to be superhumanly finicky, only giving her stamp of approval to ONE contender!! Nuts! Oh, anyways, without further ado, MY picks ---

Arizona (an artist!!! Niiiiice)
Colorado (ok, so, a ski instructor is not the profession I had picked out for my dreamguy, but still, the guy 'fesses up to liking chick flicks...that's big. Also, I am fond of his pointy chin)
Connecticut (Not a STUNNER; but DJ is a cool job -especially with the overabundance of fitness trainers on this list. Also he describes himself is goofy. Goofy is good.)
Idaho (he definitely is cute, but this is a lousy looks as if some photog totally ambushed him unawares when he stopped mid-hike to take some agua at a lovely brook. I had to put a graphic designer, a self-proclaimed "art nerd" on my frontrunners list. Oh, and I dig his notion of an ideal date-- sweet.)
Illinois ( I initially excluded Mr IL from my list, because I was turned off by his being a mathy guy. I know Winnie Cooper would scorn me for saying so, but MATH MAKES MY BRAIN HURT. But then Heather, who **amazingly** thinks IL is the only worthwhile bachelor, convinced me that I wasn't being fair. I do like his answer on "Girl Get-up He Adores")
Louisiana (Same thing as I said w/ Mr Idaho... cute potential but bad pic. He's sporting a really dumbass smile here but I was touched by the nominators' appraisal of him: "James truly cares about the people around him and is very respectful of women.” I am also a fan of the I'm sure you've been told)
Michigan (Not sure why this guy stays on my list. He is way cute, but I found nothing appealing in his profile at all.)
New Mexico (Same comment as I had for ID & LA. This guy shoulda sported a shirt. He is mucho pasty hued and seems to be kinda indiscriminate in his ink. But he had several commendable answers-- his appreciation of mystery, manners-- I like that. On the "con" side...another fitness trainer. Blecccch)
Ohio (Cons: a biotechnology & business admin student. Yes, smart is good --VERY good-- but I like a dude with a more creative bent /Pros: HELLO?? Look at dude. Also he claims to appreciate brainy chicks. Bonus!)
Oregon (see commentary for Michigan. Ditto that)
Rhode Island (CON: He's fairly cute, but I don't like that dweeby smiley face he's making here/ PRO: appreciates sense of humor--even better he appreciates CHEESY humor)
South Dakota (PRO: likes a sarcastic sense of humor? Hello!! Also I'm amused that he lists watching Grey's Anatomy as one of his hobbies. Is he into that show on account of how it mirrors his own med student life with such eerie accuracy?? Funny, I never considered Grey's as any paragon of realism/ CON: big fan of a woman's toned, athletic tummy. Yeeeeeah. Maybe if he's still single at 25 or 26, I'll be up to snuff by then. . . .)
Tennessee (CONS: I can't come up w/ any cons with this dude...except maybe that "stop & smell the roses" is pretty trite & cliche. But that's nitpicking. Also I tend to think of pro footballers (not soccer type footballers) and neanderthals & thugs. But that's just speculation, unfair bias on my part. I'll bet he nets a nice salary ,eh? PROS: "looking for a woman who will be there for me no matter what and who will be my crutch when I need help" and then he says " I love you’ is such an incredibly powerful phrase. It’s the best gift a woman can give to a man.” Awwww. A *sensitive* , non-thug NFL player? Such an anomaly!!)
Virginia (another one Heather coaxed me into adding to the list. She thought his being a fighter pilot was mad impressive. He's cute enough, but I'm unsure that he belongs on my list with the creme de la creme)
Washingon (CONS: I think he's very foxy, but, strangely it really bothers me the way this photo is cropped...NO, not at the bottom. But there's one small chunk of his head out of the picture and it makes me irrationally suspect that there's be something hideous going on with his hairline in that area. Also his sexy overalls fantasy is DUMB /PROS: calls himself astute & sarcastic. "Sarcastic" has somewhat of a negative connotation, really, so I like it when dudes are honest enough to describe themselves thusly. And I like guys who use the word "astute". Hot. Also he probably is very foxy and probably there is nothing up with that mysterious cropped-out portion of his noggin.)

Now, I do enjoy a slice of "beefcake", but just the same, I noticed I feel slightly favored toward all the guys with their shirts on. I felt like they exude more dignity or something. Like, I imagine this photog wanted *everybody* to go topless, but some of these guys were all "No, ma'am I'm sorry. I am MORE than just awe-inspiring pecs and rock hard six pack. I have a SOUL" Ha haahaa haha

Okay this list of frontrunners is *very* preliminary. Very subject to change. Especially since we realized we couldn't access Mr Oklahoma's profile. I told Heather to figure out a way and I was going to take a break and do some actual work. Her findings were that there was no way to Mr OKs profile, but you could only check him out by watching his video. To which I was like, WHAT?? There be VIDEOS?? Ohh, man this could change everything! I know what I'm doing with my lunch hour!

In fact, I am going to commence video watching NOW. Probably my next post will be a total rewrite of the preceding list....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I heard the Wings/Paul McCartney original version of "Live and Let Die" on my way home tonight. I really can't decide on that song-- whether I prefer the original or the Guns 'n' Roses remake. Both have their commendable qualities. I guess I love 'em both.

Speaking of song covers....

I guess I had known that The Bangles "Hazy Shade of Winter" was a remake, but I'd forgotten it. And I'd never heard the original Simon & Garfunkel version until today. I do adore Simon & Garfunkel but-- sorry, fellahs--- this particular song is better with the rrrRRAR! of electric guitar.

Blender -- for delicious smoothie making only

Everytime I read some music-related news item that cites a poll or article from Blender magazine, I come away with the impression that the Blender mag crew (and possibly their readership) are the snobbiest music snobs to ever roam the planet. Needless to say, I don't tend to agree with their findings.

Just like I do NOT agree with this. I was always charmed by the rhyming of "shake & cough" with "Nabokov" . Shows that the dude cracks open a book from time to time. Literacy is hot, no? And dissing Robert Plant? C'mon! I think you're just trying to manufacture some controversy here, aren't you??? AREN'T YOU, YOU PRETENTIOUS BASTARDS??
I forgot to recap my weekend. I don't want y'all to think I had an unworthy-of-recap sort of weekend. I'd hate for y'all to think I don't do anything unless I get free tix handed to me (ie: Red Sox last weekend)

Well, the weekend started out rather foully, when, on my way southward to Windsor on I91, I ran over who-effing-knows-what and blew out my rear passenger's side tire. It was no dramatic blow-out (like "kaaa-BLAMMO!!" and then me fishtailing all over the place) But I just heard something rattle against my undercarriage (I never did see what it was I hit...sounded like a stick, oddly enough) moments later, I noticed the increase in road noise..realized what that meant. Shiiiiiiit!! My exit was in sight at this point and I was really averse to pulling over on the I drove on it aways. Yeah, yeah, I know...stupid. I just drove to the park & ride that's right near the exit ramp. And luckily, I did not fuck up my rim by doing so. Wrecked the steel belts though.

I had been on my way to meet up with my sis & the fam at the Moondance in Windsor, so, knowing that that crew was a mere 2 miles away, I rang my bro-in-law's cell. And he came (what seemed like eons later) with his pal Tom. I had already tried (& miserably failed) with a can of that Fix-a-flat schmeg. I got the jack, tire iron, & doughnut out of the trunk , and then some old biker dude stepped in to lend a hand. By the time Greg got there, there was not much left to do aside from tighten the lugs on the doughnut. Greg is insistent, though, that his arrival on the scene saved me from almost certain defiling and/or murder. Pishaw! The guy was this old chatty, Harley guy, possibly a vagrant. I am 98% sure he was harmless. It's the pasty faced dudes with Dwight Shrute style glasses who drive vans that you gotsta look out for.

In retrospect, it kinda pisses me off that I felt compelled to call Greg, and that I accepted help from some Harley dude (which is not to say that I didn't appreciate it. And I was very profuse with my thank-yous. Nauseatingly so. Shockingly, I refrained from busting out the Southern belle accent to coo "Ah have always depended on the kaaahndness of strangahs") But damn it... I know how to use a jack! I can capably weild a tire iron...I think.. Grrr!! I feel like I've let down the cause.

Anyways, after a quick detour to drop my gimpy be-doughnutted auto off at my parents', I went to the Moondance. The Moondance is this annual thang Windsor holds every Oct where they close off a section of Main St and have vendors, bands, fatty fair food, BEER. Oh this year they had fire baton jugglers...that was cool. Unfortunately, I missed the tarot & palm readers they had down at the hairdressers. I had wanted to pop in and get a reading (which I would only consent to if the medium/seer/sage/whatev. agreed at the outset that she would withhold any bad shit she foresaw) but forgot all about it.

Saturday was uneventful. It was basically, "figure-out-what-to-do-with-my-gimpy-car" day. I wound up taking my Dad's truck & bringing one of my winter tires to Walmart to get mounted onto my busted tire's rim. Now that is a surprisingly cheap procedure, I was pleased to learn. Dad tells me I've got to either get my other 3 winters mounted and put on the jalopy or I have to find another similar (if not same brand) all-season and swap that1 winter out. Does it really make a fat lotta difference ?? Really?? As you can see, I just wanna be done with the whole hassle. I suppose, ultimately, I'll just put on my 3 winters ( that will be cheaper as far as *immediate* expenses go, although I will have to get 1 more all season eventually) but knowing me I'll procrastinate for as long as I can.

Sunday was Octoberfest at Harpoon brewery. So, yeah, the mega-abridged version of my weekend would be-- Beer/ tire shopping / more beer. I was meeting Pam there at noon and had to stop at the store then gas up , making me about 15min late. But I called and left her voicemails (this time all profuse with the sorrys) When Pam & her boyfriend showed up approx 1hr & 45min late, my own guilt subsided quite a bit. Luckily, I'd run into some other people I knew (one of whom--bonus!!-- gave me some of his beer tickets) that's lucky for Pam, I mean, otherwise, I mighta been one pissed Octoberfester.

And Sunday night, like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I caught up on Grey's Anatomy (and Ugly Betty now that I think of it) with my sis. And maaaaan, I dunno if it was loitering about in the sun all day or the beer (or beer & sun collaborating to plague me) but I had a BITCH of a headache Sunday night...

Monday, October 08, 2007

TV chatter...

Heroes is on tonight ...yippy skippy. I've been rather enjoying Season 2's absence of Nikki/Jessica and her whole snooooooze of a subplot but I believe she's on tonight. Pissah. Still, I am eager for this episode. How the hell is Sylar back? Did he not get "run through" (swordplay jargon there). I thought he did, but last May seems a loooong time ago, and I swear, I can't remember clearly how most of these shows left off! I think he would've had to kill Clare and ingest her cerebellum (or whatever the hell his M.O. is) in order to acquire her invincibility. In a totally separate vein, I forget what happened to Invisible Claude. He didn't get killed or anything did he? Either way, they should contrive a way to bring him back. I enjoyed him. And I *REALLY* enjoy new amnesiac Peter. What a difference the right haircut & a layer of grit makes, eh? If he saved me from peril as he did that Irish barmaid, I would not be too proud to take him down via lust-induced tackle. However, it seems aforementioned Irish barmaid holds off until tonight's eppy. Oh, also I am looking forward to how West starts that "Oh, hey...saw you lop off your little toe and regenerate a new one" conversation with Claire.

I've also been tuning in to Chuck before Heroes. It's by no means "must-see TV" but it's pleasant enough. Zachary Levi really carries the show, though. His character is quite likeable but everyone else seems pretty cardboard.

Oh and speaking of NBC's Monday night lineup...what's with Medium being off until January? It's fine for shows like Nip/Tuck (on FX) to set their own wonky seasons, but this is NETWORK TV, people!! I thought perhaps it had been silently, covertly cancelled, but according to its status is "returning series" with Season 4 premiering in January. ( also classes Men in Trees as a "returning series" but I feel pretty sure that show is a goner) I don't really care...I tune in sporadically at best. But I do like Jake Weber (my thing for him held over from my brief, ardent viewership of American Gothic 10 yrs ago) and like for him to be employed.

Last night I finally got around to watching Grey's Anatomy. Laura had it DVRed and I came over and watched it w/ her. We are pretty much in agreement about George & Izzie being an utterly repugnant couple. I say "pretty much" because we do differ on one point. I think Izzie is a redeemable character while Laura sez this horrid little romance ruins both characters indefinitely. Now I liked both George & Izzie before they decided, quite suddenly, that they was IN LOOOOVE. But George, methinks, has done far too much angsty whining, and pissing and moaning to wile his way back into my good graces. And worst of all, of course, is the impending heart-stomping he is going to give poor Callie (whom I like). But Izzie, while I suppose she is just as angsty and whiny as George, yet somehow I still like her just a smidge. I'm thinking she can turn this around--an affair with Sloane, perhaps?---and win back my favor. Ok that potential plot seems out of left field I know, but I do have a good argument for it. I've thought before that Sloane & Izzie would make a good pair. Think about it.. a big reason why Izzie & George don't work is that they're too much alike. Neurotic whiny sensitive type+ Neurotic whiny sensitive type = BLAH match up. You need 2 contrasting types to create TV chemistry, y'know? Izzie is all addled & neurotic, Sloane is cool & guarded. Sort of that interesting princess & rogue pairing (need I point out who is the "rogue" in this scenario? Sloane is the rogue. A DAMN sexy rogue, too, I must interject!! As long as I'm interjecting, I gotta grouse --it just kills me that Eric Dane is married to that Noxema Girl. I mean, I do realize it would be unreasonable of me to expect a fine-ass specimen such as McSteamy hisself to be single. But married to her? Really?? UGGGH -- she irritated me ages ago in those infernal commercials and she irritates me still. Sorry...have rather veered off topic, haven't I??)
Ok, secondly, what nifty poetic justice would it be if George & Izzie embarked on this ill-advised relationship and after they were well into it, Izzie winds up in some unavoidable mad love affair with Sloane and realizes (& must tell George) that she made a big mistake with him. Just like he did to poor Callie. That would be excellent.
I really DON'T expect that storyline to ever materialize, as these dramas never play out like I think they should (ridiculous!). But whatever plans Grey's has for Season 4 , they NEED to give McSteamy more to do. I like how his friendship w/ Derek is on the mend, but still, he is tragically underutilized. He needs something of a storyline. Ideally, he oughtta acquire a storyline of his own and some lovin'. Karev needs some lovin' too, come to think of it. That chick he saved during that ferry/bridge catastrophe does not count. Nothing really actually happened with her, which was just as well because she was LAME. I don't mean lame , as in unable to walk (although that may have been...having a slab o' concrete land on you can tend to hinder your perambulatory functions) I mean lame as in she sucked, I didn't like her. I mean, of course she was sucky, dude more or less found her under a rock, am I right??

Oh, and Addison needs to come back. I accidentally watched episode 2 of Private Practice and things ain't lookin' good for that newbie. I'm sure Seattle Grace will take her back right?? I had watched the weak-ass pilot for Private Practice, beheld that it was horrible, with all the pith and nuance of an infomercial, and earmarked the show as "one to skip". But last week, I taped the Pushing Daisies premiere but was unsure if it started up @ 8pm or 9pm so I just taped ABC from 8pm -10pm. So I saw that I'd caught PP as well, and opted to watch it, purely out of my strong inclination for always giving the benefit of the doubt. Good shows sometimes have bad pilots, y'know. Pilots sometimes must be very explanatory and have no momentum behind them so I see how they're tough to do. So I watched this PP episode, but ehh, no. The show is still crap. They had a very sad plot about a baby switch, but it was entirely the guest starring cast that made that story poignant. The regular cast was as dull and flat as ever. Kate Walsh was so excellent on Grey's too. She should just abandon ship as soon as possible, man.

Oh, but Pushing Daisies was pretty terrif. Quirky & whimsical, like I thought it would be, though I did not predict that I would be so smitten with Lee Pace. First off, for a guy, I detest the name Lee. Sure, there are worse guy names, and probably I wouldn't hate it so much if it didn't make me think of Lee Majors. LAME. Secondly, the guy did not look overly attractive in any of the ads for the show. And he's not traditionally foxy but..hmmm..I dunno.. he's got something. He has his own distinct mojo, I think. But anyways, if you have a free 8-9 slot in your Wednesday night (or in your DVR/Tivo's Wednesday night) you should seek this one out. I am curioso...can DVRs record 2 shows that air simultaneously?? I--obviously--do not have one. I eye my sister's covetously, that's as close as I get to this awe inspiring techno-marvel. Waaah.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I watch a buttload of TV so I can proclaim with authority -- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is THE funniest show on television. That bold, all-caps THE means I mean business. Do *not* debate me on this.

More TV related chatter to come....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wa' me --YOOOOOOU--crank dat soulja boy (WTF?)

"Crank that Soulja Boy (Supaman)" is playing in my earbuds at present (on the Accuradio "HitKast" channel) It's an effective song in that the beat does make me want to dance (Dance Apart To the Beat..that is....thanks , Chubby Checker!) but what's really got me enthralled is the litany of gibberish that's passing for lyrics in this song. I particularly like that howlin' "YOOOOOU!" that starts off (and closes) the song. I know it's way "square" of me to be looking for any sense or coherence here, but I can't help it. I think he's saying something about RoboCop...repeated references to Superman....super soakers? Baby mate? Did he say "baby mate"? What in the name of Pete's Dragon is any of this shit about???? I suppose I could just look up the lyrics of this thing, but I have a feeling that that would not shed any light on anything. This song has got me utterly perplexed...maybe a little obsessed...this is my 4th consecutive listen.

I've been listening to a lot of Accuradio today. I do love my tunes, but another reason I've kept the earbuds in today is that I DON'T WANT TO SOCIALIZE with anybody. So I've been listening to music, zoning out doing order entry, talking only when I get calls... It's funny...I always name my coworkers as the #1 best thing about my job, and I don't retract that , but lately they've been getting on my f-ing nerves. Well not ALL of 'em. Just Robin & Lisa, really. But lemme say, in their defense, that I'm sure it's at least 80% me. I'm either getting pissed because I feel they're always on my case or just crazy irritated by their dumb jokes. I don't want to be so cross, I'm thinking if I withdraw from office society for the day it'll somehow restore my core of Zenny calm.

OK...back to the tunes I've been listening to (because I feel like a HUGE bitch sniping about my mates behind they backs) Here's some of the noteworthy stuff...

*Stronger --Kanye West: I know a week or so ago, I proclaimed myself a member of "Team Fiddy" and liked Ayo Technology better than Stronger. Well, I've changed my stance on that. That's my prerogative.I can do that. I still like Ayo Technology, but after a coupla listens, Stronger has really grown on me. I think I may have been initially swayed by the appearance of Justin Timberlake in 50's video. Oh, and Timbaland...I like him too (ahh, but *not* in the same way I dig JT) And even though Timbaland is an awesome collaborator, he's kinda become the standard "go-to guy" hasn't he? And so I applaud Kanye for choosing Daft Punk to partner up's sort of (pardon the corporate jargon) "out-of-the-box thinking" and shows stellar taste (I love Daft Punk).
*Hey There Delilah--Plain White T's: I shouldn't put this under "Tunes I've Been Listening To" heading...I should instead use a heading like "Songs I Keep Hearing the Make Me Rush Feverishly for the Skip Button" That's a smidge lengthy though, eh? Initially I was apathetic toward the Delilah song but I've grown to loathe it fervently. And it's all I can do to avoid the thing!! Undoubtedly the hearing it come on the radio ('net or car radio) something like 900 times daily accounts for the rapid apathy-to-hatred demotion.
*Wake-up Call--Maroon 5 : Love this song. Love Adam Levine more...I would NEVER play him like that!!
*Glamorous--Fergie: I do like this song actually. But am kind of anti-Fergie (pants pisser!) So although I enjoy every listen of the tune, it totally improves the song (for me, personally) if , when she sings "sippin', reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang" I sub in the line "sippin, reminiscing on days when I had a MOUSTACHE". HAA.

*I Got it from my Mama-- Will i. am: An ode to genetically bestowed hubba-hubba. Hmm. I don't doubt that Mr. i. am (perhaps when I am referring to him, I should switch to third person? That'd be Mr. he. is) prefers this particular brand of hottie, but in this era of gym junkies and ubiquitous plastic surgery, how relevant is this song?
I was also thinking this tune would be ideal theme music for that atrocious MTV show "Date My Mom" Lemme paste here some lyrics and lay on ya a bit of the gospel of Will he. is.-- "If the girl real fine,Nine times out of ten,She fine just like her mama And if her mama real ugly,I guarantee ya she gon’ be ugly like her mama If the girl real sexy,Nine times out of ten,She sexy like her mama.If the girl real hot,Nine times out of ten,She hot just like her mama.And if her mama real ugly,I guarantee ya she gon’ be ugly like her mama "
That's Will .i. am carrying on the fine work of Gregor Mendel. Genetics...they started with peas and now black eyed peas...naw, you know what , there were the stirring of a very witty quip in my head there but I can't seem to construct it properly. Shit.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

alternate birthday vegetation plan

Maybe instead of a Halloween movie marathon I could initiate a "Dark Shadows' marathon where a crew hunkered down and watched the whole fucking series. Hmm. The whole fucking series ran from 1966--1971 so that might take considerably longer than the movie marathon. Also there's the issue of procuring the ENTIRE series. But it will be my birthday (and..UGH..a major one, at that) so really, someone should just buy it for me, eh??

willy nilly hodge podge

Today's outfit kind of gives off the impression that I am taking fashion tips from my niece...the 2yr old one. By that, I mean, I look sort of like I'm playing dress-up today.

See, I wanted to wear this skirt ... this floaty, flowy coral thing with silver thread pinstripes running through it. I zeroed in on said skirt because I'd not worn it in a long while and also it would nicely match this silvery pair of earrings I'd made last night (I've been doing beadwork a lot lately...producing like mad...I'm only wearing like 1/8 of the stuff I make...I'm amassing quite the jewelry surplus) So I paired the skirt w/ a black v-neck tee and (because I was cold) a denim jacket. Also, I didn't want my bare legs exposed to the a.m. chilliness (also the skirt is somewhat sheer) so I was going to slip on some black tights. Oh lone pair of black tights are dirty! But I was not deterred ...I put black leggings on underneath the skirt. Ohhh, and it's infinitely more shabby than the standard(circa 1987) bike shorts/ mid calf leggings under a skirt play. Yeeeah, these leggings come right down to the top of my feets (all the better to conceal my hirsute gams) and you can totally see 'em peeking out from under my skirt. Oh, and on my feet -these beaded silver slipper-like mules. Objectively, I consider the whole ensemble and it makes me cringe. But really, I feel pretty good about it. It seems it's rather liberating to let your inner child pick out your clothes every now & then. Plus, I'm quite happy with my shoes (sometimes shoes really do "make or break it" for me) and these earrings are maaaahvelous (if I do say so myself!!)

I for lunch I had these microwaveable mini quesadillas which were decent, but I felt I needed to accent these 'dillas with dipping condiments, so I'd also procured (at my nearby Shaw's) an 8oz container of sour cream & a tub of guacamole. Thank god for the guac!!! I'd intended to grab the low fat sour cream and made the horrid faux pas of grabbing FAT FREE SOUR CREAM instead. It's amazing how something that is so excellent, condiment ROYALTY, when tweaked ever so slightly, can transmogrify into such heinous slop. It pretty much tastes like plain yogurt..which is also vile.

Tonight I'm back making dinner for my parents on "Make Dinner for the Parents Night" after a 2 week hiatus. I think I'll make turkey sloppy Joes and zucchini fritters. Sound good? I'll letchya know...

Well, due to "Make Dinner for the Parents Night" I am going to miss the series premiere of "Pushing Daisies". What --pardon my brief aside-- the hell is up with the name of that show anyways?? I think it's supposed to be a kind of jokey morbid reference, but then shouldn't it be "Pushing UP Daisies"?? "Pushing Daisies" makes it sound like it's about selling flowers. Minor title quibbles aside, this show looks like it'll be pretty good. Luckily, I had the foresight to tape it. It's gotten a lotta positive pre-premiere buzz, I know that. It looks whimsical yet simultaneously poignant y'know? Like it has that kind of Amelie vibe about it, knowwhatimeanvern? And I DO so enjoy a bit o' whimsy. Plus-- it has Anna Friel in it and she was in the excellent miniseries Our Mutual Friend (which may well be the best $14.99 I ever spent in Borders). Incidentally,later on in her career this lucky lass got to tongue tossle with Gerard Butler in Timeline (a total dud of a film...worthwhile only for ogling GB outfitted in 14th century attire). And the male lead of the show--Lee Pace--well I dunno him from Adam, but I appreciate the retro flavored risk he's taking with his coiffure.

[Seriously, DON'T knock the twist,man. Don't you f***ing dare!! ]

Now let's take a moment, shall we, to learn a bit about Chubby Checker...who turns 66years old today(and YOU thought I was being totally contraire! It's his b-day, foo!!)

So, fresh fodder for your "ya learn somethin' new everyday file" is 3 things you may not have known about Chubby Checker...

1.His birth name is Ernest Evans

2.He has a freakishly tall daughter who plays in the WNBA

3. His website proclaims him the originator of the concept of ""Dancing Apart to the Beat". I'm not entirely sure what he means by that. I think he means that prior to his arrival on the scene, no one was dancing sans partner to a beat? That's what it sounds like...and I'm seriously skeptical that Chubbers can take full credit for that. The best bit on his website is where they describe the twist ( for, I suppose, young 'uns who have never had the thrill of watching the gloriously redunkulous spectacle that is the Twist) . explains :" The Twist is putting out a cigarette with both feet, wiping off your bottom with a towel to the beat of the music. If you're wiping off your bottom with a towel to the beat your not touching your partner and doing that thing at the same time. This is "Dancing Apart To The Beat".

Uhhh huh... so ok, I was stomping out the 2 ciggies I was smoking in the shower and towelling off my ass at the same time...however I was touching a partner that whole time so I'm not sure quite WHAT I was doing. Apparently I was not following the doctrine of Chubby Checker properly...I dunno. His website's homepage blathers on with even more nonsensical jibber jabber of that nature plus a myriad of moronic grammatical errors.

But hey, don't think I don't appreciate the dude. I do! Firstly & foremostly I am awed & impressed that he attained any degree of success as a singer with that voice he has. It has something of a Kermit the Frog timbre to he might have phlegm welling up in his esophagus. And the Twist...I love. I don't quite understand why I find it so g.d. amusing, but no other dance move evokes a comparable comical effect. Y'know,really sticking out your arse and doing a very exaggerated, fey-wristed, circa 1961 Bandstand twist (imagine doing that in a packed club...HAAA!) And let's not overlook Chub's 1987 collaboration with The Fat Boys. It takes a great & sorta commendable shamelessness to rehash your former glories with The Fat Boys.
So here's to ya, Mr. Checker, sir. I fully intend to towel off my ass in time to some rock 'n' roll music in homage to you today. Happy damn birthday!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

battle of the Microsoft Paint masterpieces

I was gazing admiringly at my blog's recent picture of Vincent Price playing for the Red Sox (in a thunderstorm) and wondered how this stacked up to last summer's "David Coverdale of Whitesnake Enjoying a Lobster Dinner". Which one is truly my magnum opus??

I feel sure that "David Coverdale...Lobster Dinner " was better executed, but the premise of Vincent Price playing for the Red Sox is faaaaar more amusing.
Really, this should inspire some profound debate that moves one to examine one's philosophy of art. What is more integral to a piece of art's worth-- its aesthetic value or its "message"?? Aristotle, with his concentration on art and its role in society(as in Poetics or Ars Rhetorica) would be the ideal consult for such a debate. Although . . . not only is Aristotle a HUGE Whitesnake fan, he is also known to root for the Yankees. So it would not be unreasonable to question his objectivity in this case.

Perhaps I'll try to summon the spirit of Socrates for consultation instead. After all, any philosopher in the Wyld Stallions posse is A-OK in my book...

Love this commercial so much

Monday, October 01, 2007

weekend recap (the Reader's Digest version)

Lemme see...

Friday night we had a comical incident with a skunk in the garbage can at my folk's house.

Saturday I didn't do much. I helped my father clean out the old playhouse (am toying with the notion of repurposing that playhouse as like "studio space" now that there's room to move in it) then I fell asleep playing Sudoku...proceeded to nap for 2 hrs.

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY...the Red Sox game was terrif. Firstly & foremostly, I cannot gush enough over the whole Milne Travel experience. Ohhh, the convenience of having somebody else organize the trip, navigate, drive, having a bus with a toilet on it! (I did avail myself of the onboard facilities, and it was a weird sensation to be peeing & aware all the while of traffic rushing by 5 ft to your right... I suppose if I patronized outhouses on median strips, it would have seemed less weird to me) Well, possibly because the return transport was all arranged for us, Roxanne & I felt free (when we got to Fenway an hour & a half before game time) to quaff a couple bevvies at Boston Beer Works. I particularly enjoyed their blueberry brew ...sounds funky but it was really good. They actually floated small blueberries in it. And I think it was this fruity brew that really knocked me on my ass...ok, " knocked me on my ass" is probably too strong a phrase but a buzz was most definitely acquired. A buzz that was not conducive to finding your assigned box & row (took us a looong time). I think that Milne has a good section (they buy up a block at the start of the season) but, this being my first pro sports game of any kind, I'm no afficianado of these things. I sat in the right field box , Box 92 , Section 6, row F seat #6. We were right down on the field and I bet if I hadn't left my binoculars on the bus, I'd have had a great view of the action. I did not need binoculars, however, to gawk at the fox that, at about the 6th inning, snuck into the row ahead of us (mmm, well, I think it was 2 rows in front of us actually, but luckily there was no one in the row right ahead of us to impede my view of said fox) . He had on a #58 Papelbon shirt, and he sort of evoked Channing Tatum in A Guide to Recognizing your Saints. He was very into the game...made it easier to stare shamelessly. Yes I DID watch the game too (though probably not as intently). And drank some more beer and ate really yummy bad-for-me eats.

I tend to zero in on the "soundtrack " of events/ places. When I shop, go out to eat, whatever, I'm always listening to the piped in music. I read an ESPN article once that listed a bunch of baseball players (don't recall if they were AL or NL players) and what these players selected as their at-bat music. That would be the only kind of ESPN article that's apt to interest me, really.
So I sorta had me "ears open" to pick out the at-bat music. The only player who stood out in that regard was Mike Lowell (#25) who had Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" play when he went to bat. Niiiiiice. Very solid choice...I don't know if I'd use it , if I were the pro-ball player, not sure what I'd pick. Maybe some AC/DC? Prodigy?