Sunday, June 01, 2014


Additions to my running "artists of note" note on my phone [since I 1st posted about the list back in January]  I warn ya, there is a shit ton ....

1.Paul-Gustave Fischer

2. Brynolf Wennerberg

I do dig this guy's style, but am not wild about how every other painting of his features spike-helmeted German soldiers [check it--do a Google image search fer yourself] He was very prolific cranking out WWI propaganda cards.  He surely got the message out there that joining up with the German army was the most surefire of surefire ways to get laid.

3.Albert Herter


4..William McGregor Paxton
5. Arthur Hacker

6.Henri de Braekleer

7.Louis Anquetin


8.Theo vanRysselnerghe

9 & 9.5  JC Leyendecker & F X Leyendecker
Kinda interesting (IMHO) that there were 2 such talented illustrators in the same family. 

JC was older, and more famous
FX was the younger bro

Even though FX did not have the prolific output that his older bro did, he did have the distinction of creating the painting that was the artistic focal point of Casa de Tripper. Recognize it??--


10.Alan E Cober

11.Dink Siegel

12. Mary Greene Blumenschein

13. Joseph Farrelly

I feel pretty confident she is on next year's naughty list

14.Naiad & Walter Einsel
husband & wife illustration team. Very distinctive style


a SAD tableau we're witnessing here....she loves him...he only loves  cheese. I do feel for the poor lass, and yet, I can't say as I blame him. It is CHEESE, after all. 

15. James McMullen

16. Aurelius Battaglia
very excellent , very prolific illustrator.  A lot of classic children's books to his credit. . .

17.Antonio Lopez
too cool..

18.Lowell Hess
incredible career, this guy. You can scope out his website to get 1/2 an idea...

19.George Stavrinos
Such an 80s vibe to his work. Therefore, I'm in the right mood lately to appreciate it [if you read my itemized iTunes buys in my last post, you know..)

20.Walter Everett

21. Dean Cornwell

22. Dick Ellescas
this guy should have more of an internet presence than he does. Awesome work...

23.Mark English

24. Bernie Fuchs

25.Konstantin Somov

26.Albert Von Keller

27. Julian Allen

28. Tom Adams
I have an affinity for tripptastic paperback covers from the 60s/70s/early 80s.  Tom Adams did these PLUS his covers were often for Agatha Christie stories (which I also dig very much)

29.Doug Johnson
His work has such a . . .roundness to it.

30. Vilmos Aba-Novak

31. Russell Patterson

32. Tom Purvis

33.Wilhelm Schulz

34. Irene Zimmerman

35. Eduard Thony

36. Marianne Stokes

the Princess & the Frog

37. Albert Andre

38. Rowland Wilson


39. Paul Hey

40. John Berkey

you might find this Berkey illustration more iconic--

but I have a soft spot for King Kong '76. I didn't get to see it back in the theaters back in the day, but I did have the ViewMaster reel and it was my utter FAAAAVE!!